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YSL Beauté relaunches Vernis à Lèvres lipstick collection with new shades

The new shades introduced to another iconic collection by YSL Beauté will let you wear your heart on your lips

May 11, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

In a market saturated with beauty products promising to deliver results, it is difficult to figure out which product is a sound investment and which will sit amongst your collection, never to be used after the first swatch. However, when you find one that ticks all the right boxes, you will wonder why you ever bothered with any others in the first place. This season, YSL Beauté tempts us — and convinces us— that the latest line-up is the one to have with the relaunch of its Vernis à Lèvres collection. All set to hit our shores in July, the collection was first launched in 2012 and is now a popular product by the brand — though none can surpass that of the famous Touche Éclat. Working as both a gloss and stain, the promises to give you the perfect pout. We count down the reasons make these new additions oh-so-good.


Apart from representing how old this collection is, the number also happens to stand for the number of new shades that will join the Classic Vernis à Lèvres range. Joining the line-up of classic lip stains is ‘Rouge Fusain’, ‘Carmin Tag’, ‘Orange Graffiti’, ‘Fuchsia Filtre’ and ‘Encre Nude’.


Alongside the Classic Vernis à Lèvres range, are new additions to the Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream and Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water ranges. Those in favour of aquatic colours, the Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water range welcomes the ‘Red Spray’, ‘Orange Mist’, ‘Fuchsia Drops’ and ‘Nude Steam’. For more intense shades, YSL Beauté has added ‘Bourgogne Alternatif’, ‘Rave Orange’, ‘Fuchisa Beats’ and ‘Psychedelic Chili’ to the Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream range.


Bold is beautiful and YSL Beauté certainly agrees with us. Forget those deep dark shades and opt for one of the three new shades that have caught our eyes in the Vernis à Lèvres Primary Colour Edition. From the Magenta Amplifier that is the perfect shade of pink to the Blue Amplifier that would make an ice queen proud and the unexpected Yellow Amplifier, the new shades help your personality shine.


Use the new shades in the primary colour edition on its own for a powerful statement or apply it as a base before adding a layer of your chosen Vernis à Lèvres gloss. Versatility is the key to this collection as we have seen and we admit that we love it.


With one swatch, it’s clear that this is the only item you need. Thanks to the “Lifeproof Colour Emulsion”, lips are left pampered and looking their best. Better yet, the collection allows you to match your mood to your preferred shade and even lets you switch up your look from day to night, with the wave of a wand.

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