Limited edition beauty collection: YSL Beauté will release Touche Éclat 25 Star Edition in 2017

We get all starry eyed and clicker happy with a special edition of the iconic Touche Éclat that will be released in March 2017 by the luxury beauty brand

Feb 14, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

For lovers of beauty, the Touche Éclat by YSL Beauté is a must have product in the daily arsenal. Housed in a slim gold pen, the makeup tool has garnered a healthy following from those who know the power it yields with just one click. After 25 years, it comes as no surprise that YSL Beauté is celebrating what is now an icon in the beauty world with a collectible Touche Éclat 25 Star Edition. The formula of the illuminator remains the same but it is the gold casing that makes it different and desirable.

This year, the brand covers the sleek pen in a blanket of a dozen stars. The reimagined design gives the Touche Éclat a rockstar edge, thanks to the motif, that provides us with a product that is a collectible objet d’art. Available in three shades such as the N°1 Luminous Radiance, N°2 Luminous Ivory and N°3 Luminous Peach, it serves more than one purpose. YSL Beauté calls the Touche Éclat as something that is more than a highlighter or concealer and we agree.

With the N°1 Luminous Radiance, one can count on it as a universal illuminator that is perfect for any skin tone. Those with fair to medium tones, the N°2 Luminous Ivory provides a super-bright beam of light while the N°3 Luminous Peach pairs well with those of medium to darker skin tones with its warm glow. Like a magic light that enhances features and eliminates fatigue and dark circles in a heartbeat, the Touche Éclat has been a necessary companion for those with who are strapped for time.

The Touche Éclat 25 Star Edition by YSL Beauté will available from March 2017.

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