New makeup collection: Givenchy goes bold for Spring/Summer 2017 beauty with “Points d’Encrage”

Givenchy brings inky shades to spring/summer 2017 makeup for a collection that is both versatile and beautiful at the same time

Jan 17, 2017 | By AFPRelaxnews

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2017

Nicolas Degennes, creative director of makeup and colour at Givenchy, has been inspired by the nature and texture of ink for the brand’s spring/summer 2017 makeup collection, due out in January at Givenchy stockists. Color is on the agenda at Givenchy this spring, with a collection inspired by the nature and texture of ink, which can be used to mark bold lines or leave light washes of color. As a result, the “Points d’Encrage” collection features shades that may look bold and intense at first glance, but which leave a sheer, translucent hint of a shade when applied.

Matte, illuminated skin

“Highlighter Mémoire de Forme” N°01 Pink Ink – Givenchy “Points d’Encrage” collection.

This season, Givenchy has two products to keep skin fresh, matte and illuminated as springtime returns. The brand’s legendary “Mémoire de Forme” blush puts aside its original function and is reworked into a highlighter for this collection. With lightly tinted micro pearls for iridescence, this pink-tinged jelly is a perfect partner for strobing. It can be applied in touches to illuminate the complexion and highlight specific areas, or over the whole face for a fresh, healthy glow.

“Prisme Libre Travel” loose powder N°01 Mousseline Pastel – Givenchy “Points d’Encrage” collection.

The brand is reinventing another of its classics this season with “Prisme Libre” landing in a “Travel” version. While the original formulation remains unchanged, this loose mattifying illuminating powder, suitable for all skin tones, gets a branded loop on top of the pot inspired by the Givenchy “Obsedia” accessories line. The loop is fixed to a small powder puff, in a design that resembles an ink stamp, nodding to the collection’s main inspiration.

Springtime color

“Huile Irrésistible Pour Les Lèvres” lip oil N°01 Fuchsia Ink – Givenchy “Points d’Encrage” collection.

Eyes go blue at Givenchy this spring with “Vinyl Liner,” a shiny blue/black liner for precision application, and “Encre à Cils,” an inky pearlescent blue mascara top coat, adding intensity to the color of the mascara underneath while accentuating the natural curve of eyelashes.

“Le Vernis” nail polish N°31 Purple Ink – Givenchy “Points d’Encrage” collection.

Sheer color textures are also seen in “Huile Irrésistible Pour Les Lèvres,” a translucent pink lip oil that leaves a watercolor wash of color while keeping lips hydrated. The limited-edition “Vernis Givenchy” nail polish lands in a translucent inky purple shade that can be used as a varnish or a top coat.

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