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Newly released PALACE 18 magazine travels to luxury properties in Australia

The much-lauded ‘Australia Special’ of PALACE magazine hit newsstands last week.

Feb 14, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

In Issue 18, PALACE heads to Australia for a special report. The team explores the country’s property markets in its largest cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, while also travelling to a few lesser-known locales such as Darwin, Hobart, Fremantle and more.

‘PALACE Features’ takes us to the coolest (pun intended) locations, where they hit the slopes and view the latest trends in ski home living. The magazine looks into how architects are including more wood materials into the construction of high-rise buildings, and evaluate what USD 10 million price tag gets you in some of the world’s most sought-after locations. The team also investigates the current visa situations in Australia and Malaysia.

‘PALACE Residence’ brings us a look into a stunning Californian property that boasts fantastic coastal living and all you would expect from the “West Coast Lifestyle”. Iskandar Malaysia and Phuket also showcase incredible properties, with Shama Medini and Emerald City displaying some of the best condominiums in South East Asia. Bangkok, always a prominent figure in Asia’s property market, plays home to 98 Wireless, Sansiri’s latest luxury residence.

‘PALACE Lifestyle’ sees them test drive the hot new 718 from Porsche and selects the 10 rules for acquiring art for your home. They will discuss Italian wines with SSMA in Singapore and travel to Sydney to check out a beautifully restored townhouse from the private destination club, Afini.

Meanwhile, they also share a glimpse of what is in store for Issue 19 which travels to some of Asia’s illustrious cities. The upcoming issue will provide an insight into history, culture and unique property markets in Asia.

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