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Playboy Mansion Sold, Hefner Stays

The infamous home of the world’s most envied man is finally off the market.

Jun 08, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

The Playboy Mansion has a new master, one who finds himself living in the lap of decadent history, in a den of sin whose time has come and gone. The legendary home of Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner sits in the Holmby Hills estate in Southern California and also houses the many Playmates, famously known as “bunnies”. We’re not sure about the Playmates but apparently the house comes with Hefner!

The new owner is probably no stranger to the famous Playboy Mansion parties considering he lives next door! Daren Metropoulos, the 32-year-old co-owner of Hostess Brands (you know, the ones responsible for Twinkies), has plans for the property in the years to come. While 90-year-old Hefner will live out his days in the house (yes, the Hef still lives and like mildew, he isn’t going anywhere), Metropoulos plans on combining the two estates to create a 7.3-acre compound.

A spokesman for Playboy declined to disclose the contingencies to be met to close the sale as well as the cost of the mansion, although the estate, now held in escrow, was valued at an estimated $200 million earlier this year. Back in 1971, Hefner bought the mansion for $1 million, and hosted some of Hollywood’s wildest parties. The mansion, built in 1927, became known for hosting its infamous pool parties with a lingerie-only dress code for female guests as they slinked about the mansion.

Some famous names who partied — and partied hard — include Elvis, who is said to have slept with eight Playmates at once. An impressive feat, though we still aren’t sure how that worked. Another who could have made it to the Playboy Mansion’s wall of fame, if it had one, was John Lennon. The famous Beatle was responsible for burning an original Mattise with his lit cigarette. The sale of the mansion, comes on the heels of the Playboy Magazine’s relaunch earlier this year as a mainstream publication. Its parent company is currently on sale for an estimated $500 million.

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