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This Gymnasium Residence By Robbert de Goede, Smells Like Home

Carefully manipulating the sensations of home, Robbert de Goede and his team have successfully transformed this gymnasium into an unconventional family-dwelling.

Oct 29, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Once the gymnasium of a former monastery located in the historical heart of Amsterdam, Robbert de Goede and his expert team of interior designers to create an unconventional yet homely dwelling for a family of four. Prioritizing light and space with the right amount of intimacy, the gymnasium was transformed by split levels for a diverse communication in the building.

This Gymnasium Residence By Robbert de Goede, Smells Like Home

Utilizing a mix of pre-existing and high-end finishes, Robbert de Goede incorporated an abundance of steel trusses whilst maintaining the honesty of the original the steel beams through the entire house. Several parts of the roof and facades were opened up to let a lot of natural light in, and over 100 additional light elements were included to create beautifully lit spaces throughout. Equipped with an energy-efficient heat-pump and 44 individual solar panels, this house is incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable, with a very small carbon footprint.

With main living areas housed within the ground floor, the residence’s new mezzanine level showcases an array of bed-and-bath-rooms. Featuring an indoor gym and sauna, alongside other technical equipment, the basement was upgraded in height to ensure usability, thus creating a cozy, elevated living room above it at ground level. Adorned by bleacher-like staircases and a combination of different wood finishes and tactile furnishings, Robbert de Goede was careful in manipulating the sensations of home – making this house one that you can touch and occasionally smell.

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