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Mambo Unlimited Ideas Furniture Collection

Backed by a wealth of traditional crafts that continue flourishing in Lisbon, furniture brand mambo unlimited ideas resonates with a thoroughly modern vibe.

May 04, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Backed by a wealth of traditional crafts that flourish to this day in Lisbon, furniture brand mambo unlimited ideas resonates with a thoroughly modern vibe.

Despite strong links to tradition, mambo unlimited ideas has been a dynamic design force and a reliable predictor of trends; its fearless and fun designs easily capture the essence of global chic. With collections inspired by many ideas, including tribal art to ‘60s kitsch, its pieces are unencumbered by the past. For a furniture label that draws support from local crafts, designers, and artisans, it is surprisingly contemporary and global, making its success a testament to Lisbon’s reputation as hotbed for furniture design and manufacture.


To be precise, Lisbon has been Europe’s renowned furniture workshop for centuries. The current status it enjoys, however, is primarily the result of a massive modernisation drive that has managed to keep traditional craftsmanship and artisanal skills intact. Mambo unlimited ideas is among the beneficiaries of this movement. A decade ago, it opened its doors to emerging local designers to develop new product lines based on Portuguese heritage. More importantly, the company sought to develop products that could be customised without additional cost or delay—a production innovation that appealed to an even wider international market. The output eventually gave the brand its first furniture and upholstery collection.


Among the talents that the company attracted was Claudia Melo, who began working for the brand in 2007, and for which she has developed rugs and accessories collections for the global market. Lisbon-born Melo obtained a degree in product design from the Fine Arts University of Lisbon, following which she built a portfolio comprising product design, interior design, graphic design, and art direction. Her works were exhibited at Experimenta Design 2003 in Lisbon, and has since been featured in Italy, France, Spain, and London. In 2009, Melo launched her first furniture collection for the brand at Maison & Objet 2009 in Paris. Named Ettero, the collection explored a world of possibilities and drew inspiration from the designer’s travels and 1960s vibe.


“Embracing our crafts heritage and updating it with innovations and creative developments around the world has allowed mambo unlimited ideas to develop contemporary pieces with traditional Portuguese materials and techniques. This aspect is a constant in our creative process and produces high quality products—edgy creativity and experienced craftsman production,” a company official says.

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This story was first published in FORM.

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