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Give Your Home a Fresh Start With ABCDior

The Dior Maison reveals its new collection, the ABCDior.

Jan 21, 2022 | By Sarah Ridzwan
ABCDior table
Image: Dior

A never-before-seen line has been unveiled by the Dior Maison, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri — the ABCDior. The emblematic Mitzah scarf collection sees itself being replicated onto a set of home interior décors such as plates, valet trays, candles, and stationery.

ABCDior plates
Image: Dior
abcdior plates
Image: Dior
abcdior plate
Image: Dior
abcdior candles
Image: Dior

The iconic toile de Jouy that has been Monsieur Dior’s first boutique’s upholstery in 1947, called “Colifichets”, has been reimagined in the collection. It has been replicated in the form of an alphabet book that celebrates heritage, passion, desire, and dreams.

ABCDior trinket tray
Image: Dior

The ABCDior collection makes the perfect gift for your home or a loved one — a celebration of the art of gifting, something that Monsieur Dior had cherished.

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