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Geneva tops’s club sandwich index 2.0

Annual ‘Club Sandwich Index’ reveals the most costly – and the cheapest – cities for eating in your hotel.

Jun 27, 2015 | By AFPRelaxnews

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For the third year in a row, an annual index that ranks the most expensive destinations according to the price of a standard hotel club sandwich has found that Geneva will set travelers back the most.

In the annual Club Sandwich Index released by, the Swiss city maintained its title as the costliest hotel destination, followed by Paris and Hong Kong.

New this year, the report was expanded to include the price of a burger, fries and a soft drink, a cup of tea or coffee, and a glass of wine served on hotel menus.

For the report, number crunchers looked at menu prices across 30 three to five-star hotels in major urban centers and tourist hotspots.

A day’s meal that includes a burger and fries, drink, glass of wine and club sandwich clocks in at 79 euros ($86.71 USD) in Geneva.

At the other end of the spectrum, the same meal will cost just 27 euros ($30.08) in the cheapest city on the list, Bogota, Colombia.

New York had the US’s most expensive meal, totalling $59.64.

The most expensive destinations according to the CSI 2.0 index

1. Geneva
2. Paris
3. Hong Kong
4. Oslo
5. London
6. Seoul
7. Stockholm
8. Tokyo
9. Singapore
10. New York

And the cheapest:

1. Bogota
2. Mexico City
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Madrid
5. Bangkok
6. Buenos Aires
7. Toronto
8. Berlin
9. New Delhi
10. Moscow

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