Feldman Architecture Designs The Ideal Family Home Along Los Altos Hills

The Slot house by Feldman Architecture aims to connect its inhabitants, as intimately as possible, to their natural surroundings.

Nov 02, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Deep in the secluded Los Altos Hills, the Slot house encompasses 180 degree cross canyon views of the Foothills Open Space Preserve, which inspired the design, orientation, and focus of the home. Connecting its inhabitants their family as intimately as possible to the breathtaking natural world that surrounds them, this residence features an array of 12 foot ceilings and 40 foot sliding glass doors, a sunken entry courtyard, palatial central space offset by a patio and hot tub.

Feldman Architecture Designs The Ideal Family Home Along Los Altos Hills

Sliced through the home to create a vertical and horizontal connection, the “Slot” provides a unique distinction between public and private spaces, whilst welcoming natural light and blue skies into the structure’s core. The crisp lines of perpendicular windows frame glimpses of the surrounding greenery, leaving occupants feeling connected and oriented to their natural surroundings.

Meticulously layering materials, the residence’s artfully placed screens and slats offer depth, privacy, and shade, whilst its overall design and interior furnishings create an aura of minimalism, comfort, timelessness, and modernity. Representing a culmination of its inhabitants’ lifelong journey, as well as a symbol of their relationship symbiosis, the Slot house by Feldman Architecture, is regarded an ideal and wholesome family home.

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