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5 Outdoor Designer Furniture Brands to Make Your Summer Stylish

Discover a handful of key outdoor furniture brands who take pride and care in their materials, design, innovation and quality.

Jun 28, 2022 | By Joe Lim
Kettal Plumon

Kettal Plumon outdoor furniture collection. Image: Kettal.

Five of the latest designer outdoor furniture brands to let you reap the season of summer. From lounge chairs to daybeds and sofas, you’ll have every needful piece of furniture to create your haven outdoors. Whether it’s a family get-together for a meal in the garden or just enjoying a balmy breeze at the poolside, these designer pieces will give new meaning to your summer.

Spanish Flair

Gandiablasco’s latest series of modular furniture called Onde is a flexible system that suits indoor and outdoor environments. Conceived by Italian designer Luca Nichetto, he was inspired by our current climate to include a workspace at home.

The furniture system takes its name from the French word for “wave” where the seating system’s corrugated aluminium sheet appears like the watery element crashing on our shores. This striking aesthetic forms the backrest and sides and elevates the style quotient of the product. Onde seating system can be used in many environments such as patio furniture set with umbrella, verandas, porches, gazebos, or gardens.

Poolside Glamour

B&B Italia Borea daybeds.
The B&B Italia Borea daybeds are designed with simple aesthetics but are innovative to use. Designed by the renowned Italian architect Piero Lissoni, he created two iterations for poolside outdoor seating. First is a chaise lounge version that’s elongated; allowing up to two people to lie or recline.

By lowering the back support, the chaise lounge becomes an island for multiple uses. The second iteration offers reclining back support along the length, creating an instant sofa at the pool or patio. With a 6-cm thick upholstered mattress guaranteeing comfort through all seasons, you have a transformable piece of furniture to cater to your outdoor activities by the pool at a whim.

Sofa Clothing

The Plumon range of furniture pieces devised by Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola is all about dressing and undressing furniture.

Kettal Plumon sofa.

Kettal Plumon sofa. Image: Kettal.

Using a tailoring approach, the structure is light but rigid but the tailored and padded dress its upholstery is wrapped around the teak frame. Hard to ignore is the ribbed padding and stitching lend character to Plumon.

On the other hand, the Plumon range of tables uses a revolutionary technology 3D stoneware printing. This mind-blowing, game-changing technique is set to revolutionise 3D printing both on an industrial and aesthetic levels. The possibilities are endless. No molds were required! The material is fired at low temperature, shortening the process and creating a more agile approach to complete the project. The end result is a distinctive, textured stoneware leg which makes the Plumon tables stand out.

Asian Inspired

“Hashi” is taken from the Japanese word which means “chopsticks”. Created by Frederica Biasi for Gervasoni, this modular sofa system takes on a touch of Asian aesthetics bolstered by the know-how of western construction techniques.

The cushions are made from variable-density polyurethane foam and polyester fibres covered with outdoor polyester canvas and non-slip breathable bottom. The structure of the base and frames of the backrest are made from steel and suited for outdoor usage. Hashi usage of Accardi Outdoor jacquard technical fabric that wraps the iroko wood elements at the bottom and at the top makes it a unique seating solution. The outdoor fabric featuring a textured pattern blends beautifully with the wooden structure to highlight this characteristic Japanese detail.

Architectural Details

Oiside may not be a household name but the truth is, the Spanish firm has been specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality outdoor furniture for 20 years. The brand commissioned Spanish designer Francesc Rifé, famed for his interior design and architectural works, to create the Beam collection of outdoor furniture pieces. Rifé’s design DNA is all about minimal aesthetics and a strong architectural narrative with meticulous detailing.

Therefore, the Beam outdoor furniture collection is a union of sound architectural knowledge, proportion, scale, and the usage of high-quality materials. Beam’s aesthetic is made up of simple wood slats in varying planes and sizes, all coming together in a graphical and striking expression. Made of iroko timber, Rifé was intrigued by the wood’s natural beauty and its structural integrity. Oiside ensures that all the pieces belonging to the Beam collection can be customised including the colour of the fabric, thereby allowing homeowners to create their personalised Beam seating solutions. In fact, Oiside allows homeowners to even customise each element of the collection according to their preferences.

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