All Aboard Mazu’s New Superyacht – The Mazu Yachts 52

A bigger boat with a stylishly sleek and aggressive profile, it is easy to mistake the handsome craft for a designer navy vessel.

Jun 22, 2018 | By Joseph Low

Mazu Yachts 52 sports the signature Mazu design that is both stylised and masculine. With a lightweight “sandwich” construction that brings rigidity and strength; in addition, tall gunwales embellish the sides, giving the yacht a sturdy profile. Naturally, given the enduring features of the Mazu Yachts 52, it is easy for one to mistake the handsome craft for a navy vessel albeit a designer one.

A Superyacht in Disguise

Similar to Mazu’s Open models, the extended length of the vessel allows for a spacious interior and deck with an addition of a carbon composite hardtop for extra sun protection.

The aft section is wide open with a large sun bed over an enclosed space for a tender at the stern and double tables in the central cockpit area, making the yacht perfect for large groups.

Below decks, the space is fitted across with soft Foglizzo leathers and Bianca marble veneers in the bathrooms. There is a spacious forward master suite and the mid-section saloon offers substantial headroom made possible by the tall profile of the boat. Two more staterooms grace the aft.

“We’ve developed a bigger boat with stylishly sleek and aggressive profile to keep the centre of gravity low for optimal stability and seakeeping, while also offering exceptional comfort and performance,” says Halit Yukay, Mazu CEO and lead designer.

Mazu Yachts 52 is a superyacht chase boat with huge deck spaces suitable for occasions big or small, crowded or personal. The 16-metre vessel also operates independently as a personal yacht like all the other Mazu Yachts models.

Mazu is building the first 52 HT for a client at the Mazu shipyard in Istanbul and will undergo extensive sea trials. The new 52 HT is set to make an international debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show this September.


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