The Sparkle of the French Riviera – Monaco Yacht Show 2018

Monaco Yacht Show 2018 is set to astound the yachting crowds once again with new yacht launches and a whole bevy of luxury lifestyle experiences

Sep 18, 2018 | By Joe Lim

The Monaco Yacht Show 2018 (MYS) from 26 to 29 September 2019 is another prestigious yachting event that holds credo and merit. At this four-day event, all the best from the nautical and yachting industries will convene to showcase some of the very best products and services for yachting enthusiasts and owners. Yacht Style magazine is a partner of the MYS 2018.

The show will be in its 28th year, so everything from super yachts to luxury/vintage cars will be on display. More than 38 countries are participating this year so it will be an even grander turnout. Interesting to know that in 2017, the average length of yachts was 49 metres but in 2018, one might expect an even more dramatic show.

Yachts docked at MYS 2018

Monaco is the playground for the rich and famous and last year’s MYS witnessed some 3.3 billion euros worth of assessed yachts! In fact, the show’s 27th edition saw some 40 new yacht builds launched in world debut, 120 superyachts were docked for display; 40 tenders and toys displayed at Quai Jarlan and Quai Antoine-ler, and an astounding visitorship of 36,400 individuals. The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show also witnessed the striking 110m Jubilee M/Y, and in keeping with these staggering statistics, the 28th edition will be even bigger and better! Look out for Brabus Shadow 800 as part of the Tenders & Toys floating exhibition. Built in partnership with Axopar Boats, the tender is distinguished by its use of the latest high-tech components and its thoroughbred exterior design in BRABUS’s distinctive signature colour: black. For the first time on the international stage MYS visitors will be able to test the BRABUS Shadow 800 in the water.

The MYS has its own uniqueness, points of interest and a fair share of glitz and glamour. Situated in the iconic Port Hercules, the MYS always curates the best brands in the yachting business. Whether it is welcoming the most respected chandlers to leaders in the yachting industry, the shine of MYS will never be dulled.

Many super yachts at MYS 2018

This exclusive show is all about new yacht launches making their world debut but it’s also about accommodating a wide array of brands and exhibitors. Some 580 exhibiting companies and partners are set to dazzle, educate and wow the crowds. The sheer breadth of products provides the ultimate showcase for industry influencers to keep yachtsmen abreast of the latest innovations, trends and updates.

In fact, it’s a time when superyacht builders network and mingle with luxury suppliers, influential brokerage houses, sought-after water toys, and also a whole host of prestigious vehicular brands from private jet manufacturers to helicopters. Lovers of superyachts can also get up close with the people managing luxury vehicles. The third edition of the Car Deck exhibition, the MYS has joined forces with manufacturers specialising in tailor-made vehicles and hypercars or in the design of customised models. There will be about a dozen cars for the crowds to go weak in the knees and some of them will be available for test drives by potential buyers. Noteworthy to this automobile zone, is the Italian company ARES Design whose first participation in the Car Deck will unveil its superb redesigned two-door Bentley Coupé, based on the four-door Mulsanne 2017 model and built in very small numbers. The new look given to the Coupé by ARES Design involves a total transformation of the bodywork, mainly using hand-worked carbon fiber and aluminium. Prices for this model, for MYS participants, start at € 715,000.

“The new superyachting clientele is looking for new lifestyle experiences, new sensations to share. When price is not an obstacle to getting what is best the wealthy younger generation seeks more personal experiences that reflect their own identity,” suggests Gaëlle Tallarida, General Manager of the MYS. “Building a big yacht remains the ultimate in made-to-measure. In the same way the Car Deck reflects the superyachting lifestyle with a display of superlatively luxurious vehicles transformed to order according to their owners’ desires.”

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