New business jets by Bombardier: The Global 6000 joins the Global Express fleet

The Canadian private jet manufacturer is redefining business jet travel where the sky is the limit, with a new model that joins the fleet

Mar 29, 2017 | By Robbie Wilson

On board a private jet — the only level beyond first class and in our humble opinion is the ultimate way to fly — reaching your destination faster and surrounded by luxury is a reality. Bombardier is known for manufacturing state-of-the-art business jets with impeccable range and the Canadian brand has developed a tech tour de force to join the exclusive league of private jets, in the form of the Global 6000. For those familiar with its popular model, Global Express, you will recall that it took non-stop private aviation to the masses of corporate travellers tired of having to refuel on their trans-global business trips.

The Global 6000, while it does not boast of having the longest range in Bombardier’s Global fleet, has several unique qualities that propel it to the top of the league. For one, it does offer exceptional performance figures including the ability to travel into many small airports that similar-sized aircraft can’t. For example, the aircraft is certified for steep approaches, which means London City Airport isn’t a problem after a long flight from the States. Smaller airports mean time saved, and apart from privacy, is a huge reason why people choose to travel in a business jet.

This particular model features a range of 6,000 nm (hence the name), which is enough to fly from London to Cape Town or Singapore to Sydney. And with two Rolls-Royce turbofans producing 14,750 lb ft of thrust and a maximum speed of 580 mph, you’ll get there quickly enough and still feel refreshed. Fresh air is always available and pumped into the cabin, where an air management system regulates the cabin temperature and the pressurisation is always kept at a low altitude. There’s also super- fast internet connectivity on board with Ka-band technology, a necessity for those who work on the go. You will have access to speeds of up to 15 Mbps, meaning video conferencing and streaming is all a possibility no matter where you might be.

The cabin on the Global 6000 offers almost a foot of extra width compared to its closest competitor. That might not seem like a lot, but it’s definitely noticeable when you have got that little bit more elbow room. All 13 passengers will be comfortable no matter the distance.

One of the greatest aspects of business aircraft design is that the engines are located aft, which equates to a quieter ride than your usual larger commercial aircraft. But there are further areas that manufacturers are focusing on to make the journey even quieter. The Global 6000 features advanced soundproofing through a variety of materials and techniques that make it the best-in-class when it comes to low sound levels. Noise-cancelling headphones are no longer a necessity.

The design of the cockpit is all about reducing the workload on the pilots. An advanced avionics system enables pilots to have exceptional control, while a synthetic vision system on the head-up display allows for a safer working environment.

Smooth, sleek and comfortable, the Bombardier Global 6000 is an all-conquering business jet for the individual that needs to be everywhere at once. As the private aviation market continues to expand in Asia, this is the one jet you need to include in your fleet now.

This article was first published in Yacht Style 37

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