New automatic watches at BaselWorld 2017: Corum Golden Bridge Stream inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge

The new timepiece by Corum brings architecture to both its design and movement

Mar 29, 2017 | By Staff Writer

Architecture frequently comes up at watch presentation at BaselWorld and it certainly pops up at Corum. Of course we are talking about movement architecture here but in the case of the Corum Golden Bridge Stream. This wonderfully shaped watch and matching movement (sadly a rarity these days) are amazing feats.

First of all, while the case is basically rectangular, the automatic movement (via Corum’s signature system of weights moving along the length of the bridge) gets shown off in a sapphire crystal tube, meaning one gets o enjoy the calibre at every angle. The design on the flanks resembles wrought iron bridges, with support structures looking a little like the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, various colour combinations are possible, including red for this section (which is lacquered) and there is no difference in the price for the variation here. In Singapore, it retails for 102,400 in red gold. It is a 42.2 x 31mm size watch, being 14.7mm thick. It is limited to 88 pieces.

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