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The Most Luxurious Casinos Around the Globe

From Ocean’s 11 to the Hangover movies, the most luxurious casinos have been used in high profile movies as more than just venues but also characters themselves

Apr 20, 2020 | By LUXUO

Traditionally, poker tournaments were seen as ‘smoky backroom’ activities accompanied with less than satisfactory characters. Today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Poker is now mainly a luxurious game hosted in equally glamorous surroundings. The pro players can earn some serious cash within these environments. So where can these types of upper-class casinos be found?

Here is Where to Find the Twelve Best International Casinos

The Bellagio, Las Vegas. This is the very casino where Matt Damon and George Clooney were filming Ocean’s 11. So if you’ve seen the film, you may recognise parts if you decide to visit. Before even entering, breathtaking fountains await you outside, while inside, there are poker tables, slot machines, video and poker slots. Each day at 2 pm is a poker tournament which attracts vast crowds, and the poker limit here is higher than anywhere else in the world.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. Luxury and indulgent, this casino is also highly inclusive and allows virtually anyone to enjoy the game. It features a large games floor, plus a separate space for tournaments. The experience here is highly unique. Walls are covered with artwork by the famous artist Leroy Neiman who is well known for capturing the excitement and energy involved throughout poker games.

Caesar’s Palace was a critical plot venue in the hit movie – The Hangover

The Wynn, Las Vegas. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a low or high stakes game, you’re bound to find it at The Wynn. It has 26 tables of poker, along with pleasing surroundings. The reviews don’t lie, people love it here. Including its very own Michelin star restaurant! Be sure not to miss the experience of visiting this flagship casino as part of the vast Wynn Resorts empire.

Rio Casino, Las Vegas. This casino has several famous accolades. The world series is held here, and past winners include the likes of Chris Moneymaker who left with the $2.5 million prize back in 2003 after executing one of the best bluffs poker has seen. Later in 2019, Hossein Esnan won, with a prize worth $10 million, along with a WSOP bracelet. You won’t be limited on choice. There are a range of classic and slot games as well as eighty other types of games.

The Wynn, Macau. If you thought the one in Las Vegas was lavish, wait until you’ve visited here! It boasts one of the very best poker rooms in this former Portuguese colony. It has many Omaha pot-limit games unlike just Texas Hold’em variations offered at other casinos in the city. This is believed to be the reason why some of the most notable names in poker like Andrew Robi and Phil Ivey play here themselves in high stake games.

The Venetian, Macau. The popularity of this casino is apparent due to the actual waiting list you need to be on before even being able to play! Once you enter, you’ll be greeted by an intimate and laid-back atmosphere where the polite and attentive staff will make your experience a pleasant one. This is the place to visit if you want to bet on low stake tables.

Melbourne city Skyline from bridge over Yarra river, looking onto skyscraper Crown Casino.

Crown, Melbourne. Being one of the most important casinos on the Asia-Pacific scene, this Australian casino, which sits on the banks of the Yarra River, attracts only the best players all year thanks to the Aussie Millions tournament taking place annually. Last year, Toby Lewis took home the prize fund. The locals also enjoy the 3,500 electronic poker machines on offer throughout.

Enjoy, Punta Del Este. Despite being one of the lesser-known and accessible venues, it’s still worth a visit. Well known for the Latin American poker tour stopover point, one of the main winners has been Jose ‘Nacho’ Barbero who has won twice here. You can also get involved in the cash games and tournaments on offer.

Park Lane Casino, London. Park Lane is no ordinary casino which you’ll realise upon entering. Inside, you can experience the grand architecture, crystal ceilings and separate rooms where you can play your very own private poker game. There’s even an outdoor playing area! The downside is that this casino is members only, requiring a one-time joining fee of £1000. Therefore, people playing here tend to be the most affluent in society.

Hippodrome Casino, London. This is possibly London’s largest casino, voted casino of the year in 2013 and best European casino operator in 2015. Beginning life as a West End theatre, it was converted in 1900 and now offers three floors of gaming where you can expect the most lavish treatment from miles around.

The Grosvenor Victoria, London. One for the serious players, the Grosvenor has the largest card room anywhere in the city, as well as loads of cash games throughout the day. Open 24 hours a day, it is members only, offering a clean and comfortable environment where people can play low stake games and be served by courteous and professional staff.

Commerce Casino, Los Angeles, California. Players of all levels are welcome here where they can take advantage of great promos and sizeable prizes. It’s a luxurious environment with one of the largest card rooms in the world and is frequently populated by some of the best poker players that LA has to offer.

Consider Visiting an International Casino for a New and Varied Experience

If you’re looking for a change of scene to your usual casino, you should consider one of many that are on offer around the world. They can offer a completely different experience you’re perhaps used to. While experiencing the thrill of your favourite game, you may even decide to try something new, no matter your level. Aside from poker, many worldwide casinos offer a breathtaking environment, and some also have Michelin star restaurants!

Alternatively, since we are still not able to travel to these magnificent places to enjoy what they have to offer, perhaps visiting an online one might just offer the same thrill of physically being there. However, do be prudent and do read reviews of online casinos before committing yourself to one.

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