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The Top Expensive Gaming Gadgets

Gaming is an incredible hobby for millions of people because most of the time, even a cheaper PC or console will still work for many years.

Oct 12, 2021 | By LUXUO
Image: Carl Raw/Unsplash

Gaming is an incredible hobby for millions of people because most of the time, even a cheaper PC or console will still work for many years. However, one of the first things gamers do when they have the cash is splurge on incredible gear.

But it isn’t just the newest consoles you can have at home; you can have PC rigs that run the thousands in terms of cost, a wall of retro and modern consoles, slot machines, pinball machines, and more.

It just depends on how far you are willing to blow a budget and if you want the brand new or the retro.

So let’s talk about some of the most expensive and the most extraordinary gaming gear around.

Going for Gold

playstation 5 gold
Image: Truly Exquisite

There are a couple of consoles that have been made with gold. First up is the Playstation 3 Supreme. This golden wonder is 1.6 kilos of gold, which is already pretty luxurious; however, there are 58 pieces of 0.5-carat diamond embellishment. It took three months to create and is worth a massive US$323,000.

Another gold item is the Nintendo Wii Supreme, which is even heavier than the Playstation 3 Supreme. The Nintendo Wii Supreme weighs a vast 2.5 kilo and is pure 22-carat gold. To increase the flashiness of this machine, there is a 19.5-carat diamond on the front button — of course.

In terms of accessories, some will make a regular bank account wince; one of them might just be the Xbox 360 Gold Faceplate. It was on eBay for US$36,000. The faceplate was 24-carat gold and weighed in at 999.99 ounces.

A handheld machine that changed the gaming industry forever — but with a facelift — is the solid gold and diamond embellished Game Boy. The solid gold machine has some diamonds on the blue buttons and in the package for this one — still the original cables. A golden Game Boy will set you back US$29,500.

A golden myth? The much-coveted and somewhat legendary 24-carat gold body and all metal parts Game Boy Advance was distributed seemingly in secret — a total of seven rumoured to be out there.

At the Arcade

pinball machine
Image: Heather McKean/Unsplash

What makes a great arcade game? A few things, the replay value has to be high, a leaderboard to make it competitive, and nostalgia. Nostalgia will drive the price of retro items high. Considering the tech is outdated, and if they break, they’re often impossible to fix. 

But nostalgia will see us look beyond that and invest cash in things that we used to love. In addition to that, arcade cabinets become rarer over time. So if you’re the only one of your type, you’re much more likely to be worth a few coins. 

An arcade would not be an arcade without a classic slot machine. Slot machines and slot games have been around for years and provide players with a great nostalgia feel, from outer space themes like Starburst, adventure themes like Gonzo’s Quest and classic fruit machine style games, there’s something for everyone!

And now players can play these games in their own home, with the numerous online slot providers available. Not only that, but slots fanatics can also purchase an actual slot machine for their own home. The Aristocrat Buffalo Xtra Reel Power Video Slot machine is one of the most played slot games of all time, and you can add it to your game room for US$1,785. 

The Buffalo Machine led the way for slot machines investing in the Xtra Reel Power System instead of the standard 234-way reel.

Secondly, one of the most expensive games, Atari Quantum is a game that takes its inspirations from real-life physicals and is vector-based. 

The game aims to enclose atoms without touching them; to compare the game’s motion to anything modern, you’re pretty close with 

When you look specifically for the rarest cabinet in the Atari collection, the Star Wars Cockpit is the one. As fun as it was, the issue is their shape and size — it takes up the room of two modern arcade games. Pinball machines stay winning — that is to say that they are still expensive and still selling rapidly even as new. Here are a few examples of some rare ones and some of the most popular. 

Punball: Only One Earth is one of the most expensive pinball machines around. It is worth US$125,000. It has seen art auctions, expos, and that is due to its unique approach. It’s filled with wordplay, and it is a culmination of years of work as an artist. 

Supreme has been having more than just a moment in the sun, and they capitalised hard on it. From money guns and stickers to pinball machines and collabs with many designers. The pinball machine is priced at US$70,000, and the brand indeed has a white body case and legs, with a bright red interior and the logo emblazoned everywhere.

PC Gaming

PC Gaming
Image: 6 9/Unsplash

Not one to be left out, there are some super expensive PC parts, but unlike the consoles and the arcade games, PC components are more expensive. If you are a writer, a lover of steampunk, or just enjoy a unique keyboard, then the SeaFarer Keyboard will blow your mind. 

It is a nautical-themed keyboard with gold foiling and keys that look like a typewriter, with ‘handwritten’ letters. 

The World’s Most Expensive Mouse comes in at a massive US$26,050 and functions just like a regular mouse; in fact, it has fewer functions than more multi-button gaming mice. 

This mouse lives up to its name because it has an 18-carat white gold casting — 750 of its 1000 parts are pure gold. What bumps the price even higher is the 59 diamonds in a flower design. However, you can have the diamonds arranged in different shapes. 

Optimum Popularis Keyboard looks simple, but a lot of design went into it. The Optimum Popularis offers the display choice of any symbol, any language, and a range of mathematical functions. 

This beasty keyboard is priced at around US$1,700 and provides the best tactic feedback in the world. 

Finally, and just to add something incredible, the Jupiter Platinum PC. The Jupiter Platinum PC was released by Zeus and looks almost not real. The case is solid platinum encrusted with diamond, and it mimics astrological constellations. 

Unfortunately, the inside of the machine at the time of release was nothing special. Costing US$750,000, it’s a lot of cash for essentially something that isn’t a top performer. 

When it comes to gaming, the sky’s the limit and the same goes for your budget. Beautiful concept designs are exciting and can be excellent to own for a collector.

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