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Iconic post-9/11 New Yorker cover design up for auction

One of most influential cover images created, the signed final sketch and poster of this historical artwork is expected to fetch up to $15,000 at an upcoming sale at Swann Auction Galleries.

May 24, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

Published on December 10, 2001, three months after the catastrophic attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, New Yorkistan visually cemented the zeitgeist of late 2001.

A landmark publication during the recovery post-9/11, the original artwork of this New Yorker cover for is coming up for sale at Swann Auction Galleries on June 5.

A signed poster of the New Yorkistan. Image courtesy of Swann Auction Galleries

This iconic cover is widely credited with being one of the first cathartic moments of comedic relief New Yorkers, and the world at large, were able to collectively experience following the events of 9/11. Eleven earlier sketches are housed at the Library of Congress.

Created by two artists, Rick Meyerowitz and Maira Kalman, this artwork sent a strong message to its audience. This post-9/11 New Yorker cover design was lampooning both New Yorkers’ city-bound geographic consciousness and a nationwide ignorance of the geography of Central Asia.

The artwork has been consigned by Meyerowitz himself, along with other original poster art from his collection, including for the films Animal House and Blazing Saddles, as well as some cartoons and advertising work.

One of the original and signed final sketches of the New Yorkistan. Image courtesy of Swann Auction Galleries.

The work proved so influential that it is listed as number 14 on the top 40 magazine covers of the past 40 years by the American Society of Magazine Editors and has been reproduced in countless forms.

Swann Galleries will offer one of the signed final sketches of this Iconic post-9/11 New Yorker cover design, in pen, ink, and watercolour on paper, along with a signed poster of the image in their Illustration Art sale. The estimate is $10,000-15,000.

Other highlights in the sale include works by Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham and the cartoonist Charles Schulz.

Auction title Illustration Art
Auction date Tuesday, June 5, at 1:30 pm (EST)
Social media @swanngalleries

The complete catalogue and bidding information and live online bidding details are available on the official auction site.

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