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Mike Tanis’ contemporary origami creations

Feb 03, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Origami, and the less-known kirigami, are Japanese art forms that involve the folding and cutting of paper in complex ways without the use of glue. Adopting this traditional Japanese technique, Philadelphia-based artist Mike Tanis creates interesting abstract paper sculptures. Unlike a simple paper crane, he makes the technique contemporary by creating shapes that appear soft and wavy, but splintered and fractured at the same time. It’s hard to believe that these forms were simply folded out of paper. The bold colours and unique textures of the paper also add a modern twist to this traditional art form. Tanis uses a scalpel to make the cuts in the paper, and doesn’t use directions or crease patterns. “I start with a folding technique or principle and improvise once I start to feel the 3D form developing,” he explains. His intriguing forms are reminiscent of the natural waves and patterns in nature.

Visit the artist’s instagram page here to see more of his creations. 

Glue Less 11

Glue Less 6

Glue Less

Glue Less 1

Glue Less 2

Glue Less 3

Glue Less 4

Glue Less 5

Glue Less 10


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