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Animals in Moiré

Elegant illustrations by Milan-based artist Andrea Minini

May 02, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Milan-based designer Andrea Minini has illustrated stunning portraits of animals using the moiré pattern. This unique pattern is a visual interference caused by the overlapping of lines of different thickness. This has resulted in an elegant minimalist style series whereby the accents and dimensions of the animals are enhanced due to the well-executed use of lines. Minini’s series includes owls, cobras cats and others.

To create his work, he starts out with only a few lines on Adobe Illustrator which he then painstakingly layers on top of one another. His attention to spacing of the lines is critical in creating the countours in the animal’s face. A semi-optical illusion, this work is created such that the lines appear like their vibrating, giving movement and life to the animals.  

Andrea Minini2

Andrea Minini1

Andrea Minini3

Andrea Minini4

Andrea Minini5

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Check out Andrea Minini’s work here

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