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Above the Fold

Richard Sweeney’s intricate paper sculptures

Jan 26, 2015 | By Staff Writer

English Artist Richard Sweeney has created an elegant series of modular paper sculptures inspired by organic forms of nature (like snow and clouds). These 3D sculptures look like they were carved from ceramic when viewed from a distance. By simply using a ruler and cutter, the artist skillfully bends, folds, and glues together different sheets of paper to produce these complex forms. Some sculptures are table-top size, and some are large enough to reach the ceiling. Despite their large and dense appearances, these sculptures are actually light and extremely fragile. Its especially impressive are his pleated sculptures, which often don’t even use glue to achieve their three-dimensional terrain look. To see more of his work, visit his website here


Above The Fold

Above The Fold 1

Above The Fold 3

Above The Fold 4

Above The Fold 5

Above The Fold 6

Above The Fold 7

Above The Fold 8

Above The Fold 9

Above The Fold 10



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