Gold Vending Machine Debuts At Vegas Casino

gold to go ATM

The Golden Nugget hotel in downtown Las Vegas is living up to its name with the installation of an ATM that dispenses gold instead of cash.

Visitors are now able to buy gold coins and 24-karat “bars” weighing from 1 gram to 1 ounce at the new Gold to Go machine.

Prices automatically adjust every 10 minutes to reflect actual market value. The one ounce coin, at the moment, goes for about $1,400.

Golden Nugget vending machine

Golden Nugget owners believe a gold vending machine is actually a perfect fit for the casino. They already house the largest gold nugget in the world.

The first Gold To Go machine debuted in Florida just a few months ago. Operators say it’s so popular it has to be refilled about every three days.

The machine only accepts cash and is gold plated, bolted to the ground and virtually impossible to move. Via Msnbclatimes

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