Would you pay $2,013 for a plate of pasta?

A Manhattan restaurant has created a pasta dish topped with fresh lobster and one ounce of black truffle to usher in the new year, for the princely sum of $2,013.

most expensive pasta

BiCE, a posh Italian restaurant in New York, is confident that customers with deep pockets will be willing to shell out more than $2,000 (€1,530) for a dish of homemade tagliolini, two pounds (0.45 kg) of fresh Maine lobster, wild mushrooms and a generous shaving of black truffle.

Chef Silverio Chavez says what makes the dish even more unique is the fact that it comes served on a gold leaf platter designed by fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Versace, who died in 1997, was reportedly a fan of the Milan-based restaurant which opened in 1926 and expanded to New York in 1987.

Seven months before his death, the designer was approached to design a limited edition series of chinaware for the restaurant. Although there were originally 800 plates produced, according to Mr Chavez there are now only 45 left.

The four-course meal also includes a starter of crispy calamari and crabcakes, veal scaloppini in a lemon caper sauce, sautéed spinach, potatoes gratin, and a ‘special BiCE’ dessert.