Diamond Studded Lotus Europa

It’s been 60 years of Lotus, and in that time the British cottage automaker has produced a bevy of light, tossable cars that capture the essence of spirited driving.

Now, Lotus has teamed up with Winsor Bishop to bring you this luxurious car which has 164 diamonds (in total), studded in the rev counter, speed dials and many other places. The £111,000 worth of diamonds are then highlighted by using LED lights.

On the outside the diamond anniversary Europa gets a unique paint finish that combines a high gloss black base with tiny glass flakes to give the car the appearance that it is being showered with diamonds.

The great thing is, even with all the bling, the car doesn’t lack any engineering as it comes with the latest technology. The opulent car is truly an exclusive piece and is expected to retail at £150,000 ($260,000).

Lotus will publically display the car at its headquarters in Hethel, England, albeit with one caveat: the car, when on display, will wear fake diamonds for security reasons.