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Top 4 Highest-Paid Athletes in 2021

Jun 21, 2021 / The Lux List

Even as the pandemic presented a grim outlook, these four sports stars still shine brightly.

World's Best Paid Athletes 2019: Behind the Numbers

Aug 29, 2019 / Celebrities

Here’s an in-depth look at the athletes and sports that made bank on this year’s Forbes Athlete Rich List.

Play On The Wild Side For The World Cup

Jun 18, 2018 / Beauty & Wellness

Made of luxe materials including genuine leather, exotic skins, covered with animal and camo inspired prints, these soccer balls will take your game to the wild side.

Louis Vuitton Designs World Cup Trophy Case

Jun 18, 2014 / Beauty & Wellness

For the second World Cup in a row, Louis Vuitton has designed a bespoke case to hold the solid gold World Cup trophy.

Giorgio Armani to dress FC Bayern Munich

May 28, 2014 / Fashion

Giorgio Armani has created a new formal wardrobe for FC Bayern Munich.

Etihad offers chance to train with Manchester City

Jan 07, 2014 / Travel

Etihad Airways passengers can register to win a chance to train with the Manchester City players.

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