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Royal Albatross: Valentine's Gift for Her

Jan 29, 2018 / Motoring

Here’s a nostalgic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together with your love one that will certainly bring back golden memories.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS: Luxury Experience Defined

Sep 29, 2016 / Events

Ahead of the actual show, the organizers gave the media and partners a glimpse of what the show will actually be like. It was an unrivaled experience.

SingExperience Presents Opera Dinner during Singapore Rendezvous 2016

Sep 28, 2016 / Events

Food and opera come together in the Opera Dinner by SingExperience at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Offers Luxury Yacht Lineup

Aug 31, 2016 / Events

Come October the luxury lifestyle event SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS will be bringing an exciting lineup to Raffles Marina.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Presents Entertaining Lineup

Aug 04, 2016 / Events

We are just weeks away from the highly anticipated SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and it promises to be three nights of fun and entertainment.

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