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Heirloom - Monopoly Luxury Edition

Dec 07, 2018 / Collectibles

The Monopoly Luxury Edition comes with design elements often associated with 1% types, including a recessed leather dice rolling area with gold foil

The Plaza Hotel Has Its Own Monopoly Game!

Jul 31, 2014 / Hotels

New York’s famous Plaza Hotel now has its own version of Monopoly, aptly called Plaza-opoly.

£100,000 Military Monopoly

Dec 27, 2011 / Collectibles

A diamond encrusted version of Monopoly has been launched in the UK just in time for Christmas — and it’s yours for just £100,000. Called Military Monopoly, it replaces the traditional place names such as Bond Street and Mayfair, with the names of Royal Navy ships, Army units and RAF stations. It has been launched […]

Gold Monopoly Game on Display in New York

Oct 18, 2010 / Collectibles

A Monopoly board game made out of solid gold and encrusted with jewels is currently on display at The Museum of American Finance in New York City. The gold-bound game was created by jeweler Sidney Mobell, who started in 1988 and worked every day for a year on creating the Monopoly game. The board is […]

Google teams up with Hasbro for online Monopoly

Sep 16, 2009 / Collectibles

Launched last week, Monopoly City Streets uses the Google Maps platform to let users “buy” any street in the world. The goal of the game of chance, like the real-world version, is to earn money on real estate and become the richest property magnate. New players are given three million Monopoly dollars to build their […]

“Jeweled Objects of Desire” exhibition

Jun 03, 2009 / Events

“San Francisco based jewelry designer Sidney Mobell turns the ordinary into extraordinary while tempting the viewer to question their own perception of jeweled art. For over 30 years, the artist has created elaborate bejeweled works that bring a sense of magic and wonder to everyday household objects.” He has used precious materials to create diamond- […]

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