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The World's Most Expensive Suite

Apr 24, 2019 / Hotels

When world’s richest artist, Damien Hirst, goes all out with designing a hotel suite, you can be sure that what results is a $100K per night (minimum two nights) at the Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas

Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant at Caesar's Palace

May 06, 2017 / Gastronomy

If you’re a fan of the foul-mouthed celebrity chef, you’ll be happy to hear that he has a new restaurant in the pipeline

Investing in Las Vegas

Jan 21, 2017 / Homes

Looking to invest in Las Vegas ? Here is Palace Magazine guide to luxury property buying in the gambling capital

Masaharu Morimoto Opens First Vegas Restaurant

Oct 30, 2016 / Gastronomy

Chef Masaharu Morimoto, best known among US audiences for his appearances on “Iron Chef America,” makes his official debut at the MGM Grand.

Ring Brothers Bring New Designs to SEMA Show

Sep 29, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

Running from November 1 to 4, the SEMA show will feature some interesting creations by the Ring brothers.

World’s Fastest Tri-Copter Drone Debuts

Sep 02, 2016 / Gadgets

The YI Erida will be the first consumer-targeted drone to boast a carbon fiber construction, 4K video and a top speed of 75mph.

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