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French Chef of the Year: Christian Le Squer

Sep 21, 2016 / Gastronomy

Chef Christian Le Squer, who added a third Michelin star for Le Cinq at the Four Seasons George V in Paris, has been voted chef of the year by his peers.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels 2016: Virtuoso Selection

Aug 14, 2016 / Hotels

While the top hotel in the world is apparently in Puglia, Italy, winners for design and sustainable luxury were also revealed.

Private Jet Tours from Aman, Four Seasons

May 04, 2016 / Hotels

Whether exploring the cultural depths of Asia, or going on a gastronomic trip across various dining capitals, these packages go way beyond first class.

Cooling Off: Ritz Paris Plans Reopening

Apr 20, 2016 / Hotels

Despite being set back by a fire, The Ritz Paris finally plans its reopening.

New restaurant at hotel George V to open in mid-October

Jul 14, 2015 / Gastronomy

A new restaurant at the iconic George V hotel in Paris is set to open its doors in mid-October, according to

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