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Revealed: The Most Expensive F1 Races To Attend in 2024

Feb 22, 2024 / Lifestyle

LUXUO calculated the most expensive races on the calendar in 2024 based on average prices from 2023.

Back and Stronger: Formula One Going Ever Popular

Sep 26, 2022 / F1

The rejuvenation of F1 under a new leadership sets for a brighter future for the world’s most watched motorsports race.

All About Art — "REVVV" Debuts at Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Sep 08, 2022 / Art Republik

Explore 50 artworks by 16 artists of which 17 are inspired by the sights and sounds of the world’s only night race in this exclusive Art Social event.

Singapore Renews F1 Deal Till 2028

Feb 03, 2022 / F1

Expect growth in sustainability and excitement in the next 7 Singapore Grand Prix, starting 2022.

Own a Mini Model of Lewis Hamilton's F1 Car

Dec 09, 2021 / F1

The miniature model is surely less expensive than owning the actual race car. The 1:4 model will set you back US$35,000.

Formula 1 Is Developing Its Own Sustainable Fuel

Oct 07, 2021 / F1

Premiere racing competition Formula 1 is creating its own sustainable fuel, hoping to release it for mainstream use in the future.

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