Revealed: The Most Expensive F1 Races To Attend in 2024

LUXUO calculated the most expensive races on the calendar in 2024 based on average prices from 2023.

Feb 22, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

F1 features the fastest and most expensive cars in motorsport. It’s the pinnacle; every racing driver secretly wants to get into F1. Make your way in this sport and you’ll likely become a millionaire earning huge paychecks and getting loads of sponsors. It’s a sport drizzled with luxury, and this is reflected in many of the race’s ticket prices. 

Truth be told, every F1 race costs a fortune to attend – but which ones are the most expensive? We’ve looked at the 2024 Formula 1 racing calendar and unearthed the most glamorous races you can buy tickets for this year!

How We Calculated The Most Expensive Races

To create this list we looked at all the races on the calendar in 2024 and researched the average ticket price. We thought this was the best way of showing which races were generally more costly than others. 

What about the races that haven’t released ticket prices yet?


Good question! Many races haven’t published ticket prices as they’re too far away, so we took their 2023 average instead. We appreciate this might not be 100 percent reflective of their 2024 prices, but in all honesty, they’re likely to be more expensive this year anyway! 

6. Singapore Grand Prix

With an average 2024 ticket price of USD 557, Singapore is the sixth most expensive F1 race you can attend this year. Some would argue the true cost is even higher than this, particularly if you’re travelling from Europe or the US. You’ll need expensive flights, plus some extortionate hotels. 

Regardless, it’s worth the price if you have the money lying spare. Singapore regularly throws up amazing races and was credited last year as the only race not won by a Red Bull driver. Carlos Sainz claimed his second F1 victory with a fine performance, so hopefully we get a similarly excellent race this year! 

5. British Grand Prix

It’s slightly surprising to see the British Grand Prix this high on the list when you look at some of the other locations. There’s nothing remarkably special about Silverstone – it’s basically in the middle of nowhere in the UK. Yet with an average ticket price of USD 689, it is clearly a sought-after race for fans. 

Much of this is down to tradition; Silverstone is one of the oldest races on the calendar and most fans put it in their “top five races we can’t wait to see” lists at the start of the season. The bookies go crazy for it too; most Curacao betting sites from BettingNonGamStop are already taking bets despite the race not running until the summer! Thrills are always guaranteed and lots of fans believe the quality of this race justifies its price more than anything else! 

4. Monaco Grand Prix

Be honest, did you expect the Monaco Grand Prix to be this high on the list of most expensive F1 races? Granted, it boasts the most expensive ticket you can buy (around USD 4,000 or so) but the average ticket price is USD 764. That’s still a huge amount of money for one ticket, though it’s considerably less than the second and first races on our list. 

If we’re talking about traditional and iconic Formula 1 races, Monaco sits at the top. It’s the race everyone wants to win – and one that most fans wish they could attend at least once. There’s something special about seeing these incredibly fast machines speed around the narrow streets of Monaco. Throw in the general glitz and glamour of the country and it’s a Bucket List event for sure. 

3. Mexico City Grand Prix

Before researching this article, if you told us that Mexico would be above Monaco we’d have laughed for days. Of all the races on the F1 circuit, the Mexico City Grand Prix is the most surprising. Tickets are selling for an average of USD 764 in 2024 – which is up nearly USD 100 from last year. 

There’s something about this race that attracts loads of fans. Well, we say something, what we mean is Sergio Perez. The Mexican driver draws in so much attention during his home race – which made it all the more disappointing to see him crash at the first corner in 2023. Hopefully he can do better this year; though with the race so far down the calendar, many speculate if he’ll survive that long. 

2. Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix is the earliest race on this list and you’ll have to pay around USD 1,181 for tickets. That’s not too surprising given this race takes place in Florida and is full of extra things to do. It’s been advertised as an expensive race from the first time it came to F1 – as have all American races, to be honest. 

It’s another street circuit race, though this one isn’t usually that exciting. You’re normally depending on someone having a big mistake or a random tropical storm throwing a spanner in the works. Plus, you have to deal with the exuberant Miami hotel prices, which will add thousands to your weekend. On the other hand, if you want a trip to Miami – and love F1 – then it’s a match made in heaven. 

1. Las Vegas Grand Prix

The Las Vegas Grand Prix became the latest race on the F1 calendar in 2023 and immediately put all others to shame in terms of luxury and opulence. But what else can you expect from a race in Las Vegas?! The strip was transformed and A-list celebrities turned up in their droves. Most F1 fans had reservations about this race before it happened – and accidents during the practice sessions only added to this – but it turned out to be one of the most exciting races of the season. 

As one of the final races in 2024, ticket prices haven’t been released. Looking at the average price from last year, we fully expect it to continue being the most expensive race to attend. 2023’s Las Vegas Grand Prix tickets set you back USD 1,667 on average, and this is sure to increase. If you want an F1 experience like no other, this is the track to visit. 

The beauty of Formula 1 lies in the races. Countries and cities from all over the world play host to these fantastic cars while putting on amazing spectacles. Ticket prices rise year after year – but the experiences also get grander and more impressive. If you want a slice of luxury F1 action in 2024, attend any of the races listed above!

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