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The Enchanting Spiritual Escape of Bhutan’s Amankora

Bhutan’s ancient temples and serene monasteries are a living canvas come to life. LUXUO explores why a journey here transcends ordinary travel.

Feb 22, 2024 | By Lucas Raven

In the enchanting realm of Bhutan, where the essence of spirituality wafted through the air and ancient wisdom reverberated amidst the mountains, my Aman journey unfolded into a mesmerising odyssey. This Himalayan kingdom offered more than just exploration; it beckoned us to delve into a profound experience, transcending the ordinary.

Amankora, Bhutan – Experience, Excursion, Punakha Khamsun Yulley Namgyal Chorten

Our sojourn commenced in Amankora Thimpu, the vibrant heart of Bhutan, a living canvas pulsating with local life. Aman’s meticulously curated experiences ceased to be mere itineraries; they became portals into the soul of this extraordinary place.

Amid the rhythmic cadence of daily life, conversations with local artists in their ateliers as they were painting felt like a glimpse into their souls and of the “Kingdom of the Sleeping Dragon”. Aman’s touch delved deep, revealing the extraordinary within seemingly ordinary Bhutanese moments.

Our journey wove through lush valleys and landscapes adorned with prayer flags, leading us to Amankora Paro, the gateway to Bhutan’s spiritual wonders. The ascent to the iconic Tiger’s Nest tested both physical and spiritual dimensions. Meditating in ancient fortresses amidst the clouds, we stepped into a living painting. Bhutan, veiled in mystique, unfolded as a portal, where time appeared to stand still.


Beyond the breathtaking landscapes, the magic of happiness permeated this Himalayan kingdom. With meticulous orchestration, Aman conducted a symphony of experiences, unlocking the secrets of Bhutan’s serene way of life. Amidst the embrace of Amankora and captivating landscapes, Bhutan transformed into a canvas of self-discovery, each stroke revealing a new facet of this Himalayan gem.

This wasn’t a mere visit; it evolved into an inner odyssey. Monastic chants echoed in serene valleys, and mountain whispers carried timeless lessons. Guided by Aman’s hospitality, I traversed physical landscapes and embarked on a transformative adventure, unlocking happiness’s doors—one carefully curated experience at a time.

An unforgettable moment transpired when the team at Amankora arranged a farm-to-table lunch for us at a local home up in the mountains, immersing us in the sensory delights of Bhutanese cuisine. The chili cheese and a variety of momos tantalised our taste buds, creating a symphony of flavors that lingered long after the meal.

The journey echoed as a profound chapter, seamlessly intertwining Bhutan’s ancient wisdom with Aman’s embrace, creating new pages in my life, pages of serenity inspired by the senses of the Himalayas. The sound of monasteries and temples, the chants echoing through the valleys, the intoxicating scent of flowers, incense, and the crisp Himalayan air, the delectable taste of Bhutanese delicacies—all wove together to form a tapestry, leaving an indelible mark of gratitude and awe.

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