Luxury Love: 4 Premium Australian Gifts You Need in Your Life

Everyday is Valentine’s Day when it comes to getting a personalised, luxury gift for that special someone.

Feb 22, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

The pressure of birthdays, Christmases and special occasions usually has us worrying about gifts, but fear not, it’s not too late to secure that perfect gift. The appeal of luxury gifting has increased in recent years. In one survey, 34 percent of participants aged 25 to 34 said they regularly purchased and gave luxury gifts to their loved ones.

Luxury gifts and their appeal are brought down to a few factors. Number one is the shopping experience. The in-store shopping experience for luxury gifts usually involves a personalised and customisable experience. When it comes to jewelry, for example, companies will often offer premium services on their luxury lines including personal engraving, item sizing, and even gift wrapping if it’s for an occasion.

While we may associate luxury shopping with European cities like Milan and the celebrity hotspot of Rodeo Drive, Australia’s sunny and sandy land has also become known for its luxury shops and native brands. Australian online stores have become known for their premium and personalized hampers and fashion and perfume brands like Dion Lee and Odesse have been making their staple on the market.

Australia and luxury are not unknown to each other, as the country’s major cities have built up a portfolio of luxury hotels, eateries, and even casinos where residents and tourists like to spend their time. Thanks to Australia’s active nightlife scene, there has been an open market for extravagant 24-hour casinos to appeal to visitors who are both night owls and morning people. However, for those players not able to make it to the cities where these casinos reside, Australian online casino games have become appealing thanks to their accessibility and entertainment factor.


While casino play may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, we won’t argue that a luxury gift from down under would be a perfect treat for your loved one, or even just yourself the next time you’re browsing online!

1. Mihan Aromantics Mikado Bark Parfum, 100ml

Mihan Aromantics Mikado Bark Parfum, 100ml

Mihan Aromatics is a well-known player in Australia’s fragrance scene, and this beautiful sent by the brand could be worn by both a man and a woman with its keynotes. The main scents that the perfume is made up of are green pepper, rosemary, basil, dry cinnamon, oud, sandalwood, and wet cedar. The Mihan Aromantics Mikado Bark perfume is approximately 100ml and retails for USD 300.00 on their website. This perfume was also ranked one of Vogue Australia’s best perfumes for universal wear

The good news for all you international customers out there? The delivery is free! However, the shipping costs vary per bottle size. The perfume is available in a 2ml, 10ml, 30ml and a 100ml bottle.

2. By Far Australia’s Dasha Black Nappa Leather Sandals

By Far Australia’s Dasha Black Nappa Leather Sandals

For the ladies, the simple but stylish Nappa Black Leather sandals from By Far are the perfect summer staple for beach days in Australia. While we know summer is almost coming to an end, these comfy flip-flop styles feature a pillow-like in-sole for added comfort and they are made from real cowhide leather. While we know these shoes are simple, we think for some real leather staple sandals the $504.00 price tag isn’t too shabby! After all, who wants to keep buying flat shoes that can’t withstand the Aussie heat every year? Trust us, men, any lucky lady to whom you gift these sandals will thank you.

3. The Panzera Aquamarine 40 Watch In White Metal

The Panzera Aquamarine 40 Watch In White Metal

Watches are great for busy men at work to keep an eye on the time on their wrist, and what better way to accessorize a great suit for work with a memorable timepiece? We have seen a few ranks of the best watch brands, but we believe that Panzera is the luxury watch brand for Australian men. Panzera’s collections are much inspired by Australia’s beautiful waters, as they have their coast collection. Each watch has a 30-day return guarantee and a 2-year warranty on it, so you know your purchase will be protected for years to come!

A part of the Marine Collection, the Aquamarine 40 Watch is a classic take on Australia’s marine-inspired landscape with the elegance of the Swiss-made craftsmanship used to make it. The brand describes it as a “watch to be worn on occasion”, and it is perfect for an expensive date or a gala as it is customisable.

 You can choose between a white, blue, or black dial and a metal, blue rubber, or a blue leather or a black leather strap strap. However, we recommend the classic white dial with the metal strap to maintain a sophisticated look. This watch costs between USD 1,729 and USD 1,864 AD depending on which combination of dial and strap you pick.

4. Maison Blanche 009 Grapefruit and Rosemary Deluxe Candle

Maison Blanche 009 Grapefruit and Rosemary Deluxe Can

Although we have already covered the most calming designer candles out there, we have found that Australia has succeeded in cultivating its own well-known and unique-smelling candles for every season.

Maison Blanche was founded in Sydney and produces naturally made candles with essential and natural oils. Their line of Deluxe candles is a favorite for those who want to add irresistible smells to their home that won’t be forgotten by any recipient for years to come.

At the top of our list to burn the next time you have people around is the romantic-smelling number 009 Grapefruit and Rosemary Deluxe candle which retails for USD 89.00 AD. Shipping for Maison Blanche candles varies per country and region and these can be worked out via the site’s shipping calculator. Input your country and postcode to find out your candle’s total cost.

We highly recommend this for your environmentally friendly loved ones, as the candle is made of soy wax. Maison Blanche also claims it can be burned for up to 140 hours and is the perfect accompaniment to a dinner party with friends or a date you’ve been eager to impress.

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