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SkyRunner MK 3.2: The Flying Car

Jun 15, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

It’s the flying car you have always dreamt of and now you could have one to call your own.

AeroMobil flying car going to Top Marques Monaco

Jan 22, 2015 / Jets

The AeroMobil, a flying car that transforms into a 2-seater light sport plane, is set to go on show to the public this spring at Top Marques Monaco.

Terrafugia “Flying Car” Makes First Flight

Mar 23, 2009 / Jets

The Terrafugia Transition, the first plausible “flying car” (or more precisely, a “roadable aircraft”), took its first official flight earlier this month.

Audi Shark, flying concept vehicle

Feb 28, 2009 / Cars and Bikes

The Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle designed by Kazim Doku. It placed first in the Desire Design Competition launched in 2008 by Italian Domus Academy.

The Milner Motors Air Car

Mar 03, 2008 / Jets

The Milner Motors AirCar will debut at the New York International Auto Show, March 21-30. The Milner Motors AirCar is a four-seat advanced-composite car that is designed so that you can fly to your destination but then fold up the wings and drive it down the highway. There is a foldable main wing in the […]

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