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The 100% private Blackphone 2 coming in September

Aug 31, 2015 / Gadgets

Privacy experts Silent Circle have announced the arrival of a Blackphone 2 for September 2015.

“The First Smartphone You Can Design Yourself”

Jul 04, 2013 / Gadgets

First ads for Google’s X Phone, now called the Moto X, promise a handset as unique as its user and a phone designed and built in the US.

Kate Moss to design phone accessories

Jul 03, 2013 / Gadgets

British supermodel Kate Moss has inked a deal with the Carphone Warehouse to design a range of fashionable smartphone and tablet accessories.

Samsung to launch flexible phone

Nov 24, 2012 / Gadgets

Samsung is ready to begin mass production of smartphones with bendable screens, which will make the devices thinner, lighter and unbreakable.

Nokia sells Vertu to EQT VI

Jun 19, 2012 / Gadgets

Mobile handset firm Nokia today said it will sell its luxury mobile brand Vertu to private equity firm EQT VI for an undisclosed amount.

Richard Nicoll mobile phone-charging handbag

Feb 21, 2012 / Accessories

One of the most talked about pieces from the ongoing London Fashion Week is a Richard Nicoll handbag that can power a cell phone. Nicoll unveiled the elegant white tote — which was designed in collaboration with phone company Vodafone — at his presentation February 19. Designed to charge Blackberries, iPhones and androids while on […]

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