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Julien’s Auctions Celebrates 50 Years of Stylish Women

Jan 02, 2024 / Fashion

From Audrey Hepburn to Sarah Jessica Parker, while the sirens of the silver screen may change, their impact on fashion stands the test of time.

Find Your Dream Car at Auctions: Here's How

Jun 01, 2023 / Cars and Bikes

From rare and exotic cars to affordable everyday vehicles, we’ll discuss what to expect at car auctions.

The Classic Car Market Looking Promising in 2023

Jan 05, 2023 / Cars and Bikes

Rare and vintage cars from brands like Ferrari and Porsche are on many collectors’ buying list.

Patek Philippe 5711/1A Sets Auction Record

Jul 23, 2021 / Style

Auction house Antiquorum sold a new Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A with green dial, setting a new benchmark in the overheated sports watch segment.

Paul Walker's "The Fast & The Furious" Car Sold

Jun 22, 2021 / Cars and Bikes

Just as we welcome the screening of the latest Fast & Furious movie, we look back at one of the most iconic vehicles and the trend of buying classic cars.

The World's First Auction of Private Islands

Jun 03, 2021 / Properties

The Maldives government is auctioning off 16 of the 1190 islands that make up its archipelago to private developers.

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