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WOW Awards 2018 Presents Omega for the “Perfect Weekender” Award

Our inaugural WOW Awards 2018 is a consumer-centric reflection of the industry’s most attractive timepieces. We seek to honour the brands who have enriched our watch connoisseur journeys with their novelties this past year

Feb 06, 2019 | By LUXUO

Perhaps it is best to explain; GPHG we are not. What we are is a consumer-focused trade title that seeks to discern, understand, and anticipate the burning questions and desires of anyone who loves watches. To that end, the categories and the novelties that have been nominated or selected as eventual winners are reflective of how a watch consumer might shop or embark on a decision-making process. That said, the selected watches are not curated in a vacuum; a panel of two editorial staff and two collectors were chosen to pick from the novelties of 2018.

Winner of the WOW Awards 2018 – Perfect Weekender


There’s a lot of conscious effort that goes into picking a watch for the work week or even the right watch to wear for the right party. Thus, for the weekend, we need something easy and uncomplicated. In other words, something casual. The Perfect Weekender is emblematic of this requirement. It can either be worn on bracelet or a water-resistant strap in order to meet the demands of potentially outdoorsy or water-bound activities. Price is not a factor here. The watch can be expensive, or it can be accessible – it just has to be practical for weekends.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M

Reconciling sportiness and elegance, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m is a sophisticated watch imbued with ocean spirit. You aren’t going to take it diving (although you could), but you certainly wouldn’t be out of place on a yacht, bubbly in hand, and ready to take a plunge (if you so desired). Clean, simple, and balanced, it’s a great, all-round weekend watch, and a stylish Master Chronometer to boot.

WOW Awards consist a total of 11 categories. The rest of the winners will we announced over the next 8 days.

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