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SIHH 2018 Hermes Carre Cuir, a playful elegant dress watch for her

It proves that you don’t need a high complication to make time “interesting”. You can defy perceptions of time with a simple illusion.

Jan 16, 2018 | By Jonathan Ho

Hermès creates objects and the over the years, Hermes has mastered time as an object, to be manipulated and played with. For SIHH 2018 Hermes Carre Cuir is a playfully elegant dress watch which radiates the fun and frivolity of the unexpected. Though its not a high complication in the vein as their Slim d’Hermes L’Heure Impatiente, the hands of the artisan have created a truly playful expression of time from their uncompromising expertise.

The new Hermes Carre Cuir for SIHH 2018 is a practical object which measures time without the pomp of high mechanics but yet continues to deliver the emotive power with an act of ingenious illusion, creating a uniquely special moment for onlookers who try to discern the secrets of the Hermes Carre Cuir.

SIHH 2018 Hermes Carre Cuir, a playful elegant dress watch for her

At first glance, it seems to be a perfectly capable dress watch for her. The combination of shaped square case and leather strap. But beneath the navy blue lizard leather textures likes an expansive optical illusion which Hermes has woven with a unique spell – the almost magical, resolutely singular extension of strap into dial into strap.

On the new SIHH 2018 Hermes Carre Cuir , the hands appear to float, defying perception as one struggles to find the start and end points of the dial and strap. No, Hermes defies our perception of time this SIHH with artistry and design – an optical  mystery which sums the square shaped watch in simple terms: leather in a square!

A square frame in steel, polished or set with diamonds and crafted in the watchmaking workshops of the Maison, imbues this watch with its innate sophistication. This shape is a daring choice within the watch industry and a rm favourite at Hermès. The deep blue strap and dial in lizard are meticulously aligned so as to form an apparently seamless whole. The strap is in fact secured by lugs cleverly designed to ensure it clings to the case, a process requiring meticulous and lengthy adjustment in order to create the desired illusion.

Hermes Carre Cuir Price and Specs

Case 24mm polished stainless steel or set with 68 diamonds (0.4 cts) with 30m water resistance
Movement Swiss Quartz
Strap Smooth navy blue lizard leather
Price TBA

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