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Ideas: Modern Bathroom Elegance

Draw inspiration from the 21st century bathroom designs

Jan 16, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

When it comes to bathroom designs, consumers are looking at “experience” these days and unique design concepts to turn their favourite bathroom dreams into reality. With so many products to choose from, selecting the right products that would fit and very well last a long time can be a quite challenge.

To complete a well-furnished bathroom, seamless designs, clean colours and space arrangements as well as revolutionary products are essential factors to consider. Also, sensory appeal has emerged as a worldwide trend that stemmed from consumer’s experience and taste profiles. To align with their interests, bathroom designers are looking for ways to add a touch of subtle and sculptural elegance to enhance the intimate sanctuary.

If you are doing a bathroom reno or looking to furnish a bathroom from scratch, consider these few 21st century’s bathroom designs, featuring a selection of high-end bathtubs, washbasins, mirrors, wall covering and lighting fixture blended with newer materials such as brass, wood and marble to conceptualise an exquisite or an attractive private sanctuary for modern use.

Water Closet: This integrated washlet by Toto for Neorest combines luxury, innovation and advanced technology that meets the universal design needs. The notable features include warm water nozzle with control functions, heated seats with individually adjustable temperature, a tornado flushing system, eWater+ Technology for antibacterial effect, remote control, spray modes and more.

Image courtesy of Derek Skalko

Lighting: The interior design of this house was completed in 2017 for a client in Aspen. Helmed by interior designer, Susan Okie- Lindenau, the bathroom features a round-shape mirror with alcove lighting to express a soft touch to the private area without blinding the eye. The wire-bushed cypress doors and ceilings were chosen to complement the lightly textured porcelain flooring and the décor within the home.

Sintered Stone – Estatuario – Classtone Collection Neolith

Surface Covering: The surface covering in this bathroom features Carrara marble from Neolith’s Estatuario, which stands out due to the amazing effect of the exclusive natural stone. Designed with a pure white background accentuated by a combination of thick and subtle veins crossing from the marble cladding walls, the bathroom finishes adds shine, depth and reflection to the overall bathroom interior.

Bathtub: The diamond bathtub featured here is a centrepiece designed in fiberglass and complete with black lacquered, high gloss finish. The design concept encompasses a selection of fine material such as the golden rim and the diamond shaped sculptural body, making it an exquisite item suitable in any modern bathroom.

Bathroom Sink Faucet: Made from solid natural stone sitting atop a floating wood vanity contrasting with a simple stainless-steel faucet, the Caldera sink brings a touch of refine elegance into the contemporary bathroom area.

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