New High Jewellery collections 2017: Chopard unveils new Silk Road Collection

In a joint creative collaboration, the Swiss jeweller and Guo Pei showcased the exquisite high jewellery collection that could have a starring role on the red carpets, come awards season

Jul 12, 2017 | By LUXUO

When two creative powerhouses meet, you can be sure that the result is a collection that will have you hooked. For 2017, we have been treated with a new High Jewellery collection by Chopard called the Silk Road. The high jewellery collection is the result of a collaboration between the luxury jeweller and Chinese designer Guo Pei.

Presented at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, the colourful and architecturally elegant designs were paired with the elaborate gowns that Pei has come to be known for. As the metallic gowns graced the runway in Paris, we were able to catch a glimpse of Chopard’s interpretation of the Orient. Using precious gems such as emeralds, rubies, diamonds and jade the collection is opulent and magical.

One such stunning creation in the collection, is an open necklace made of blackened silver, white gold and rubies. Dainty as it sits on the neck, the necklace features two ruby pompoms that achieve a graphic effect. Another highlights the hallmarks that we have come to associate with Maison Chopard over the last 15 years when it first began crafting its High Jewellery collections. Featuring the elaborate stone-cut and setting characteristics the design features beautiful rose-cut heart-shaped diamonds.

What makes the Silk Road collection stand out even further, is not just the use of precious gems. Instead, it is the collaboration between two extraordinary women who have chosen to come together that has us interested. When Guo Pei and Chopard’s Co-President Caroline Scheufele first met in Cannes two years ago, they discovered a mutual sense of admiration which soon helped plant the seeds of the collaboration we see today.

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