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Archi Dior Fine Jewelry 2016: Architectural Spirit

The new addition to Dior’s Archi Dior Fine Jewelry Collection brings in more designs from the past that are now captured in precious metal and stones.

Aug 05, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Two years ago, Victoire de Castellane introduced the world to the Archi Dior Fine Jewelry Collection. The designs translated each couture line by the French fashion house into elegant accessories that captured the essence of Dior. “I wanted to be an architect; but as a couturier I am obliged to follow the laws and principles of architecture,” explained Christian Dior. The collection was created to honor Dior who incorporated elements of architecture to his creations — a design technique the fashion house still uses today.Cocotte-Archi-Dior-fine-jewelry

This year the collection adds eight more designs that are inspired by the brand’s Cocotte houndstooth dress that was first created in 1948 as well as the Milieu du Sièle line that was first showcased in 1949. From the Cocotte houndstooth dress, Castellane featured the asymmetric hem (which saw more volume swept to the back of the dress) in an asymmetric ring and necklace made of white gold and diamonds (above).Milieu-du-Siele-archi-dior

With the Milieu du Dièle line, the designer incorporated the geometry that was seen in the fabric, into the jewelry designs. The inspiration is seen in a selection that includes a gold and diamond necklace, two pairs of white gold and diamond earrings along with three rings made of white gold and diamonds and rose gold (with or without diamonds). The result is an interesting mix to the collection that caters to the woman who has a love for fine jewelry but also has a wish to venture away from the cookie-cutter creations that manages to remain true to the ethos of the brand.

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