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Jason Wu Reinvents Grey With Pantone

With the upcoming release of his sister brand, Jason Wu looks to coming up with a new hue as well

May 31, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Designers don’t seem to be satisfied in just coming up with cool designs anymore – they want a whole special hue. The Taiwanese-Canadian designer Jason Wu unveiled his own shade of grey ahead of the launch of his mainline label’s sister brand ‘Grey Jason Wu’ this June. This has shades (pardon the pun) of Anish Kapoor’s Vantablack controversy but Wu’s initiative seems more straightforward, on the face of it. He worked out the color with the global color authority Pantone, and aimed at giving the hue a simple and laid-back vibe.

Pantone is renowned for creating the color standards used by designers and design industries everywhere – with its extensive reference system ensuring that every single hue has an exact name and has the elements of its constitution recorded down, so that everyone can be on the same page as to which color to use. In this case, the constitution of Jason Wu’s grey is around 90% white hues and a hint of blue.

“Grey is my favorite color — I’ve been attracted to the color’s ease, calm elegance and warmth,” said Wu, who first announced the development of his more affordable new brand back in April. The idea for Grey Jason Wu was influenced by his friend’s personal style, as well as a desire to create a collection focused on chic silhouettes and playful graphics representative of his personality. He’ll also use the opportunity to collaborate with other talents, such as artists like Hunt Slonem. Snippets of the collection has been teased out on Wu’s Instagram over the past few weeks.

You can check out the collection when it releases in June over at



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