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Coast New Zealand: Connecting Product To Place

Coast New Zealand was founded in 2003 with the specific goal of establishing a luxury brand that would reflect New Zealand’s unique quality of life.

May 26, 2014 | By Luxuo

Coast Original Marine Bean Bags XL

Obviously some of the stereotypes you think about New Zealand are over exaggerated, sure it has sheep, rugby and its landscape is the ideal cinematic backdrop for Lord of the Rings but what isn’t exaggerated is the people of this small country adventurous spirit.

There’s never a dull moment in New Zealand. If they’re not hiking mountains or living it up in Queenstown. The country draws amateur adventurers from all walks of life, including rock climbers, surfers, hikers, cyclists and sky divers.

The fact it’s a destination for nature and adventure can also teach us a lot about health, wellness and a happier lifestyle. New Zealand can teach the rest of the world about living well.

In 2003 Nicola and Alex Webster started COAST New Zealand with the specific goal of establishing a luxury brand that would reflect New Zealand’s unique quality of life.

coast vomo ladies bag

COAST draws inspiration from the islands natural beauty. Its offshore islands protect the endangered kiwi birds and dinosaur-aged tuatara, among other native species. Plus, there is a plethora of waterfalls, sounds, glaciers, mountains and over 9,000 miles of beach.

COAST recognizes the rewards and challenges of life by the sea: simple, relaxing and beautiful, but rugged and unforgiving. New Zealander’s know this as no one in New Zealand is ever far from a natural wonder.

COAST’s design process has concentrated as much on materials and construction as on aesthetics and style, to ensure that everything they make is not only enduring, but timeless.


COAST unites clean, simple lines with state-of-the-art marine-quality fabrics and premium materials in a stylish marriage of form and function.

The result is – an extensive collection of luxury outdoor beanbags, luggage and home décor accessories.

Best known for their award winning classic Marine Bean beanbag collection which was orignially conceived during the America’s Cup. Today, COAST still remains supplier of choice to the Marine Industry where expecations are high and standards exacting.

COAST Laguna linen towel navy stripe

COAST’S luggage is set to be rugged, waterproof and as hardwearing as any sailing bag currently on the market, without being so overtly functional that you’re embarrassed to pick them off the luggage carousel.

Each bag is constructed of a hard-wearing shell, which will withstand years of wear and tear, and finished with premium lining and leather trims to add a stylish yet timeless edge. COAST’S luggage collection has something for everyone, including bags that will carry you from the Southern Ocean to St. Tropez and whilst always looking the part.

Home textiles, are one of the latest additions to their wider luxury collection. Meticulously hand woven from either 100% locally sourced New Zealand wool or premium quality washed linen, these pieces will age beautifully but un-doubetedly last the test of time.

COAST leather accessories

The latest range of leather accessories are made from fine Italian leather and hand-stitched in New Zealand, the range comprises a fun and stylish glasses case, an understated billfold and a sleek card holder. Each comes beautifully boxed – the perfect gift.

The overwhelming majority of COAST products are made to the highest possible standard locally in New Zealand, ensuring they can maintain the strictest control over quality and workmanship. COAST offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

COAST MacKenzie Woolen thrwo blue stripe

COAST represents everyday luxury that is made for life. The New Zealand national rugby team performs the Haka victory dance, a traditional Māori dance, before each match.

This small cultural ritual is important and a sign of progress and integration that also holds true to COAST’s recognition of its roots and what it strives to achieve with its products.

Their collections have now found their way into homes, boutique hotels and super yachts boats all over the world. Smart enough to take anywhere, and tough enough to last the distance, COAST invites you to escape and embrace the definite sense of adventure Kiwis have.

See for the full range of products.

COAST Escape Collection

All products are available online and through distributors worldwide and available to be shipped internationally.

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