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Off-White Unveils “Paperwork”: What To Expect From The Beauty Collection

One of the highly anticipated concepts of Virgil Abloh is Off-White’s move into beauty. The label has officially unveiled “PAPERWORK”, a four-part collection of genderless fragrances, makeup and nail polish.

Apr 22, 2022 | By Cleo Yong
off-white paperwork beauty fragrance
Image: Off-White

Off-White’s first foray into beauty is a collection that manifests the late Virgil Abloh’s genius mind and “vision of a blank canvas to inspire endless creativity”.

Despite the fashion designer’s untimely death, Abloh continues to shape the Italian luxury brand through WhatsApp messages of rich ideas and concepts left behind. Davide De Giglio and Andrea Grilli, members of Off-White’s leadership and Abloh’s close friends, will act as the designer’s posthumous voice.

Off-White’s new beauty collection was first teased during Paris Fashion Week last month in Abloh’s final Fall/Winter 2022 show.

“PAPERWORK” offers a “toolkit for self-expression, whatever form that may take”. The gender-neutral collection covers smell, sight and touch. it features ‘Solution’ fragrances, ‘Imprint’ multi-use pigment crayons, ‘Template’ stickers and stencils, as well as ‘Colour Matter’ nail polishes.

The anticipated beauty collection joins the conversation of genderless beauty as “an inclusive art form at the intersection of humanity and individuality”. This step towards inclusivity reiterates the brand’s acclaimed unconventional ways and the freedom for one to express their personality and individuality.

In the first chapter, Off-White presents four minimalistic and alluring fragrances. ‘Solution’ was developed by Abloh himself along with a selection of top perfumers — illustrating the late creative director’s design ethos. His interest in industrial manufacturing processes can be seen in the packaging where the tops are grip control knobs, likened to handles found on vats in industrial fragrance facilities.

Solution No. 1

off-white beauty collection fragrance
Image: Off-White

Guided by Alexis Dadier, Senior Perfumer of Fine Fragrance, Solution No. 1 is an earthy scent and a reimagination of the smell of sand. Being the perfect allegory for the brand, sands are also a symbol of cultures and coasts across the globe. The fragrance features Ho Wood and Bergamots as top notes that transform into a sand accord at the core with a woody signature of Vetiver and Patchouli.

Solution No. 2

off-white beauty, fragrance
Image: Off-White

Solution 2 is a citrus, euphoric fragrance that plays on the duality of energetic freshness and addictive woodiness. Conceived by the revered perfumer Jérome Epinette, the scent starts off with Tangerine Leaves and Orange Blossom, amplified by the zest of fresh ginger. Then, the smoky base of Vetiver makes for an elegant and unisex fragrance.

Solution No. 3

off-white beauty collection fragrances
Image: Off-White

As for Solution No. 3, it is a modern and racy fragrance that takes inspiration from the timeless, classic rose. Paris-based perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur, known for her elegantly simple and natural-heavy fragrances, paired Pink Peppercorns with Rose Damascena and Ambrette Liquid. The result is a musky, floral scent “associated with a carnal accord inspired by skin-to-skin contact to create a unique and trendy signature.”

Solution No. 4

off-white beauty collection
Image: Off-White™

Lastly, Epinette reappears for Solution 4 to create a world of comfort and fullness, bottled as a gourmand urban aroma. Representing a chic streetwear spirit is a blend of Eucalyptus, Lavender and woods, all contrasted with a leathery base. This fresh scent was made in mind of one’s well-being and harmony.

All four Solution fragrances are now available at off— and

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