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MJjewels: Only The Finest Jewellery And Services

If you’re searching for the best jewel paired with an unparalleled buying experience, look no further. MJjewels invites you to discover its exquisite catalogue at dream prices.

Apr 22, 2022 | By Cleo Yong
mjjewels dubai premium diamonds
No conflict diamonds. Image: MJjewels

Hailing from indulgent and progressive Dubai, MJjewels is a luxury jewellery brand specialising in high-quality jewellery and designs. Its dazzling pieces are all made in 18 Karats, 21 Karats, and 22 Karat gold — the perfect adornments to dress in while promenading the charming streets of the modern metropolis.

MJjewels’ two physical stores in Dubai attract people from across the globe with its expansive and highly valued jewellery selection. The jewellery brand prides itself on the passion for the trade, the hard work from in-house designers and the expertise of goldsmiths in creating exquisite handmade jewellery for treasured clients.

mjjewels personalised attention
Image: MJjewels

Having served Dubai’s finest jewels for 25 years and counting, MJjewels is driven to share its jewellery-making expertise with the world. It launched an online store a few months ago and will be offering premium services to Europe and America. In other words, we can now appreciate and relish great jewellery-buying experiences without travelling to Dubai.

Image: MJjewels
Image: MJjewels
Image: MJjewels

Premium And Personalised

mjjewels dubai diamond tennis bracelet
Diamond Circle Tennis Bracelet in 18k yellow gold. Image: MJjewels
mjjewels dubai
Image: MJjewels
mjjewels dubai online store
Image: MJjewels

With experience and knowledge of the industry since 1993, MJjewels is touted as one of the most prevalent master jewellers in the United Arab Emirates. Its dedicated team ensures every client is only focused on enjoying the experience of purchasing quality jewellery, by maintaining complete transparency throughout. It promises bespoke attention from jewellery professionals, traceable origins of conflict-free diamonds and first-rate customer service — all without any taxes, customs charges or extra charges.

MJjewels Dubai, rings
Image: MJjewels

It is understandable that choosing the right piece of jewellery for others or yourself is no small feat. As for MJjewels’ personalised services, clients can request custom designs and professional advice whenever they require assistance in any matter. The jewellery brand can arrange a virtual appointment with any of its master jewellers, and clients will be guided every step of the way through video meetings.

Flawless Jewellery

Whether you are looking for timeless standouts or statement pieces, MJjewels has a plethora of luxurious accessories that reflect quality and artistry. The jeweller features diamonds of the highest quality, always at least VS or VVS, and is revered for its unmatched diamond engagement rings and its intricately designed diamond bracelets. An independent gemologist certificate issued by IDT Gemological Laboratories Worldwide provides more in-depth information on its diamonds.

mjjewels dubai engagement rings
Diamond Baguette Art Deco Engagement Ring in 18k white gold. Image: MJjewels
mjjewels dubai
Teardrop Diamond Cluster Half Eternity Ring in 18k white gold. Image: MJjewels
mjjewels dubai
Snowflake Vintage Earrings. Image: MJjewels
mjjewels dubai
Image: MJjewels

Clients are bound to find their dream jewels at aspired prices. From teardrop pendants to vintage earrings and delicate cluster bracelets, each gem comes with an Authenticity Certificate and lifetime guarantee. Even with the occasional discounts or lowered prices, clients can expect to pay less and still receive top-notch jewellery worth much more.

mjjewels dubai luxury packaging
MJjewels’ distinctive and luxurious packaging. Image: MJjewels

Discover the excellence of MJjewels’ pieces and book a virtual appointment at

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