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The Future of Jewellery and Watch Insurance: BriteCo

Fastest, easiest, most affordable jewellery insurance.

Mar 07, 2022 | By Joseph Low
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Image: Unsplash/Sabrinna Ringquist

Let’s face it; the typical jewellery insurance shopping experience is not exactly exciting. Finding an insurance policy that suits your needs can be a tedious process of sifting through pages of fine print dictated by decades-old standards. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance has you covered with peace of mind for your jewellery and watch insurance needs.

Alongside Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, BriteCo has also changed the landscape of jewellery and watch insurance shopping for good. The traditional approach may have sufficed back in the day. However, we still live in a world dominated by technology and innovation. So how has BriteCo pushed the industry forward? BriteCo was built on the idea that it’s time to shatter old perceptions and deliver something new and different for their customers. They believe in providing an insurance policy that is easy, fast and affordable.

Provide peace of mind to your loved ones with BriteCo

Living up to the standards set by their CEO Dustin Lemick, a third-generation retail jeweller, BriteCo has transformed the jewellery retail and insurance experience to make it as seamless as possible. Say goodbye to traditional coverage that’s slow and can’t keep up with new technology. As an honest and trustworthy company, BriteCo believes its customers deserve a product that can provide them with the honesty, integrity, and respect they deserve.

BriteCo makes it fast, easy and affordable for you to get an instant online custom insurance quote and protect your jewellery or watch items with A+ rated replacement insurance in under two minutes.

There’s no need to spend extra time searching for a trustworthy insurance company, contacting an agent, waiting on the phone, or filling out lengthy forms. Only BriteCo gives you coverage at 125 per cent of the appraised value, zero deductibles, a monthly payment option, automatic coverage value updates every year, and free preventive maintenance. Their prompt, helpful customer service works with your local jeweller to ensure that your jewellery or watch is covered in case something unforeseen happens.

BriteCo: Instant quote. Immediate coverage. Ultimate convenience.

BriteCo’s online instant replacement insurance is a low-cost investment that protects your valuable items from all perils. Avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with replacing or repairing an item in the event of loss, theft or mysterious disappearances in a way that’s quick and has no hidden costs.

Customers have been ecstatic about their experiences with the business. They have highlighted how simple it was for them to insure their jewels. Becky S., a client of Briteco, stated: “It was so easy to insure my jewellery with BriteCo! I was worried about the difficulty of doing everything online, but the system worked flawlessly, and I saved several hundred dollars plus got even better coverage. Perfect!”

According to CEO Dustin Lemick, the response from customers has been phenomenal, especially from Gen Z and Millennials wishing to insure their engagement rings. Traditional diamond ring insurance policies can be costly and may not cover all sorts of losses. Many plans, for example, only cover loss and theft, not accidental damage or mysterious disappearances.

So, what’s the bottom line? BriteCo believes in shattering old perceptions and delivering something innovative and different for its customers. They are a company built on the idea that it’s time to provide an insurance policy that is transparent, convenient, quick and affordable. And we think you’ll love what they have to offer. Check BriteCo Insurance out now!

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