New luxury fragrances for him: Bulgari encapsulates Atlantic Ocean in the Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve

The latest addition to the line by Jacques Cavallier blends two distinctive accords to evoke the dexterity of man in the face of the elements

Mar 13, 2017 | By Luxuo
The glass and metal stoppered bottle of Bulgari's AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQUE.

The glass and metal flacon of Bulgari’s AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQVE. Image courtesy of Bulgari.

Bulgari has released the third and latest addition to its Aqva Pour Homme line. Inaugurated in 2005, the Aqva Pour Homme line has previously featured two popular fragrances by renowned perfumer Jacques Cavallier. This February, the Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve takes the Aqva Pour Homme line to the next level by imbuing the Atlantic Ocean into the fragrance stored in the signature pebble-shaped bottle.

It is a known fact that water covers nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface. The Aqua Pour Homme line, including this latest product, continues to attest to Bulgari’s dedication to developing products of substance, depth and relevance to modern man. The Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve man is confident, charismatic, sporty and mature; he is aware of his minuteness in the vastness of the ocean, yet he rides the waves assuredly and with ease.

Model Justin Joslin for Bulgari's AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQUE.

Model Justin Joslin is the face for Bulgari’s AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQVE. Image courtesy of Bulgari.

In order to embody the character of the Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve man, Cavallier brings together and juxtaposes two accords — “Sea Amber” and “Ocean Energy”. “Sea Amber” draws from the molecular construct of the ambergris or grey amber, an organic treasure from the ocean, while incorporating the subtle, layered character of balms and woods such as sandalwood, vetiver roots and benzoin resin. “Ocean Energy”, true to its name, crosses a powerful aqueous note along with the gentle top notes of Sicilian lemon and Italian bergamot. The Eaux de Toilette celebrates the ocean as a force of strength, a record of history, and a symbol of life and its constant flux.

Bulgari’s design for the flacon of the fragrance recounts the shape of a stone or pebble by the seashore. These naturally produced fragments of the earth bring to mind both individual uniqueness and a connection with the macrocosm of nature. The sleek surface of the bottle recounts the seashore, while its body’s translucent deep blue colour suggest the apparent infinite depth of ocean waters when viewed from its surface, and the incessant beating of the waves on the shore.

The AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQUE celebrates the ocean as a symbol of life. Image courtesy of Bulgari.

The AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQVE celebrates the second largest ocean as a symbol of life and strength. Image courtesy of Bulgari.

Predecessors of the fragrance drew on other distinctive characteristics of the ocean as muse. The first fragrance in the line, the Aqva Pour Homme, released in 2005, spoke of the sense of emancipation and the uncovering of mysteries, evoked by delving into the depths of the ocean. Unveiled three years later, the Aqva Pour Homme Marine relayed the profundity of the sea even in its calmness, recalling sea breezes and the gentle disruption of ripples on the water’s surface.

The Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve is available at Takashimaya, Robinsons, Metro, Tangs, Isetan, BHG and Sephora, in 100ml, 50ml, and 30ml bottles at $143.00, $102.00 and $82.00 respectively.

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