New luxury fragrance: Giorgio Armani’s ‘Si Rose Signature’ dressed in a new couture design

Giorgio Armani features actress Cate Blanchett in a stunning new campaign for ‘Si Rose Signature’ that is an ode to femininity

Feb 26, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

Launched in 2016, Giorgio Armani “Si Rose Signature” is an ode to the modern woman, with a busy and bold, yet elegant persona. Like a rose—the scent’s hallmark ingredient—”Si Rose Signature” blooms each springtime with a collector edition bottle this 2017. With actress Cate Blanchett as the face of this campaign, the scent is reinterpreted with a new couture design showcasing the fragrance’s feminine and sensual sides.

The “Si Rose Signature” fragrance remains unchanged in this collector’s edition, with the same floral aroma as the 2016 original. The scent has a double rose accord — with May rose and Turkish rose — enriched with notes of bergamot, mandarin, freesia and blackcurrant aromas of Cassis Neo Jungle Essence. This is matched with iris and osmanthus, ambrette and vanilla notes. This is followed by base notes of ambrette absolute, Pure Jungle vanilla extract and patchouli.

This year, Giorgio Armani has dressed “Si Rose Signature” in a silky powder pink ribbon that winds around the fragrance’s Onyx lid and falls down over the glass bottle, where its two ends cross. The ribbon evokes the décolleté of a haute couture gown, with delicate and refined style. A discreet black circular badge bearing the fragrance’s name holds the ribbon’s crossover ends in place, echoing the deep black finish of the lid, which has golden rings at its base.

Developed by perfumer Julie Massé, who created “Si Intense” with Christine Nagel, this Eau de Parfum stands out with its twin rose notes. In fact, “Si Rose Signature” inherits the signature May rose notes of “Si” and pairs them with Damask rose.

Giorgio Armani “Si Rose Signature” is available in 50 ml (€89) and 100ml (€128) Eau de Parfum formats.The 2017 collector edition of “Si Rose Signature” is available now February 2017.

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