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Celebrity Beauty Releases in November 2021

Celebrity beauty brands seem to be in trend lately. From Harry Styles to Ariana Grande, everyone seems to want their own beauty brand.

Nov 17, 2021 | By Sarah Ridzwan
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In lieu of Harry Styles launching his own beauty brand Pleasing, we’ve come up with a list of celebrity beauty brands launched recently — since there are plenty — and it can be pretty easy to be overwhelmed by the oversaturated market of celebrity beauty brands.

From Pharrell Williams to Ariana Grande, here are the latest celebrity beauty brand launches in November 2021.

Harry Styles: Pleasing

Harry Styles‘ Pleasing was announced in Dazed magazine’s winter issue on November 15 alongside an official Instagram post by the company.

With a simple slogan of “find your pleasing,” Styles first sparked rumours of a business venture in May when he registered a trademark in the U.K. for a “wholesome perfume and cosmetics” business. Styles was listed as the director alongside Emma Spring in the initial filing.

The brand currently includes iridescent nail polish with a matte finish, a pearl white nail polish with a glossy finish, a nail polish set that includes two additional black and pink colours, a moisturising antioxidant serum and a serum-filled roller pen.

The nail polishes price range is from US$20 to US$65, and products are available on its website here.

Ariana Grande: r.e.m. beauty

Ariana Grande’s highly anticipated r.e.m. beauty makeup line dropped this week as well, with its first release called “Chapter One: Ultraviolet”. It features 12 products (with many individual shades) to cover the essentials you need for your eyes and lips.

r.e.m.’s crown jewel is its lip products — with three stand-outs: the “Utmost Importance Plumping Lip Gloss”, “Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker”, and “On Your Collar Plumping Lip Gloss”. The marker applicator for the lip stains is easy to trace across your entire lips, as well as define your cupid’s bow.

r.e.m. beauty is available to shop now at its website here.

Pharrell Williams: Humanrace

Pharrell Williams’s skincare brand Humanrace is foraying into the world of body care with its very own bar soaps. The upcoming launch will include the “Reenergising Whiteclay Body Bar” and the “Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar”.

The Whiteclay bar aims to cleanse and hydrate the skin without compromising its natural moisture, while the Charcoal bar smooths and refines the complexion’s texture without harming the surface. As part of its sustainability efforts, the soaps are made of vegan ingredients like snow mushroom extract and rice powder.

The soaps will be available on November 22 on its webstore here.

Ellen DeGeneres: Kind Science

As Ellen DeGeneres wraps up the 19-year run of her daytime talk show, she’s officially moving into the world of beauty with the launch of her new skin-care brand, Kind Science. The product collection includes a cleanser, a micro exfoliant, a firming serum, a hydration cream, an eye cream, a neck treatment and a face oil.

Initially introduced on her eponymous show in October, Kind Science is an “age-positive” brand. The “Kind Science” branding is a continuation of DeGeneres’ TV show’s “be kind” motto, which she has embraced with frequent giveaways and charity donations throughout the show’s run. 

Kind Science is available to shop on its own website here.

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