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Christofle, Pharrell Williams and Jean Imbert Create A Special MOOD

Even after two years, many still love Christofle’s second installment of its limited edition MOOD dining collection in collaboration with Pharrell Williams and French chef, Jean Imbert.

May 15, 2021 | By Julia Roxan

Taming and exalting silver, Christofle has successfully crafted a legacy of subtle radiance for intelligent products, brimming with elegance and spirit since 1830. Launched in 2015, the Christofle MOOD silverware collection jostles two centuries of tradition in an unprecedented concept aimed to represent a bold manner of living luxuriously in everyday life.

More than a simple set of flatware in Christofle silver-plate, the MOOD collection doubles up as a decorative ornament with its charming egg-shaped design and has become an essential centerpiece for dinners or casual and convivial brunches.

Christofle, Pharrell Williams and Jean Imbert Create A Special MOOD

In 2019, following its wave of success, Christofle issued the second installment of the limited edition MOOD dining collection. Continuing its mission of recruiting reputable creative talent for collaborations which blur the lines between art and hospitality, the brand partnered up with singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams and leading French chef of Williams’ Miami restaurant ‘Swan’, Jean Imbert.

Packaged in the most vibrant yellow, each lacquered steel egg-shaped container was designed to evoke ‘joy’ and represent ‘friendship’ through cartoon drawings of family and friends which include depictions of Imbert’s grandmother and Williams’ wife, Helen Lasichanh.

Featuring a six-piece and 24-piece version, each set features espresso spoons and dining utensils for up to six guests respectively. All utensils also include an engravement of the word “share” in the handwriting of hip-hop rock band N.E.R.D’s frontman, for a personalized touch.

Limited to 1,000 pieces, the six-piece set retailed for USD$800 while the 24-piece set was priced at USD$2,900 for a limited 500 pieces.

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